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Last month, I went out downtown Toronto to celebrate my friend's 22nd birthday! When thinking about where to go.. We wanted somewhere to eat and somewhere to hang out afterwards, so I decided to go to Bloke & 4th.
- - -

So for Saturday dinners, they only offered a prix fix menu for $45 that included an 8 course meal Tapa style (not complaining).
At first I thought I would definitely still be hungry afterwards, but I was not disappointed. 
The food was UNREAL and I was actually quite full afterwards.
The lounge area itself wasn't too bad either. It was really nice inside but when it time came for Bloke to transform into a club, it was quite small! And the people there are definitely an older crowd. It became quite packed as the night went on.
But back to the food...

Fire roasted shrimp | chili honey glaze, guacamole, sour mango, lotus root
 Itsumo tuna & wild salmon tartare | Green apple, yuzu chili aioli, wakame, tempura bits, ginger soy glaze, taro root chips

Hearts of romaine salad | jalapeño caesar dressing, house cured bacon, candied tomatoes, brioche croutons, parmesan
Braised veal meatballs | grilled polenta, spicy san marzano sauce, grana padano, basil puree

Mid dinner picture :) 

Sliders | 24 hour braised brisket, caramelized onion & cheddar brioche, bacon, smoked garlic aioli arugula, cucumbers, carrot chips
 Bangkok slaw | wasabi pea crusted tuna, crispy calamari, caramelized peanut dressing, yuzu ponzu

Fish tacos | beer tempura battered tilapia, avocado & apple relish, lime spiked red cabbage, smoked sour cream
And last but not least.. The dessert: Churros | cinnamon sugar dust, bourbon caramel sauce, chocolate sauce
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- - -

Cheers! :)

And the main girl of the night.. 

Happy birthday girlie! Hope you had a good night :) and even though Facebook says we were friends since September 2009.. We clearly became the best of friends this year! :) thanks for always being the bestest and for not thinking I'm insane for loving coffee as much as I do <3 love you!
- - -
After eating, we decided to have a little photoshoot in our booth area. Girls will always be girls!
- - -
Absolutely cannot wait for summer term to start with these girls! Xo

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