» Dessert night @ Caffe Demetre

2:00 PM

Bestest. Ice Cream. Waffles. In. Town.
- - -
When you think of dessert night, I automatically think of Demetre.
They're overwhelming choice for waffles, crepes, cakes, etc is... In lack of words, overwhelming.
Everything just sounds sooo good!
The most popular thing to order is their waffles or crepes. They have pre-set ones for you but you can also make your own for basically the same cost.
I always make my own because I want exactly what I'm craving for on my waffle.
It usually consists of brownies, strawberries, and tiramisu ice cream :)
(Look at above pic for my waffle creation)
- - -
If you've never been, I definitely recommend you give this place a try.
The lines are ridiculously long, but it is soo worth the wait.

They have a lot of locations, but the one that I always go to is at:
100 York Blvd in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Caffe Demetre on Urbanspoon
Check it out!

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