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Sugar Factory!
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Heading to the Sugar Factory seemed fitting since I have a major sweet tooth.
There are 2 in Vegas.
One is just a store, and one is a restaurant and the store.
We went to the restaurant where we got to sit down in one of these fancy booths.
Look at how gorgeous the interior is slash the bar area?! Amazing.
One of the most famous things about Sugar Factory are their signature drinks, aka the Goblets.
How amazing does this 36 oz of alcoholic goodness look?!
They have so many different kinds of goblets, and they are all themed.
For example.. The one in the picture is called the Ocean Blue, and inside there are shark gummies floating around. Haha it's just the cutest thing ever.
(And no, I didn't order one of these because we just came for dessert!)
Instead, we had the Apple Pie Waffle.
Warm waffles, topped with apple crumble, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, nuts, and chocolate and caramel sauce.
UGH. Drooling.
- - -
Overall, I had the bestest experience here.
The service was great, and the atmosphere was definitely one that would make me want to come back.
I'd love to have a full meal there (maybe some pasta, it looked really delicious) and a goblet :)
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Our #ootd :)

Until next time Vegas!

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