Friday, February 12, 2016

Shopbake On Demand

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I went away on vacation to Iceland last week. When I got back home, sent me this adorable package to my doorstep. HOW cute?! I love how they balanced it on my mailbox as well :)

Shopbake is an online marketplace where you can grab any/all of your favourite baked goods or sugary items! They recently launched #ShopBakeOnDemand where Toronto-based customers can order baked goods and have them delivered within 90 minutes!!! What better time to try it out than this weekend and surprise your Valentine with something sweet?

As for me, Valentine's came early as I quickly opened my package to see what treats were inside. I had about 9 different items for me to nom away at. My favourite was definitely the sushi rice krispies treats. I'm not sure if ShopBake gave me those specifically because they know I love sushi.. But either way, all these treats looked super cute and were delicious. What else I loved about this box was that there was a huge variety of sweets to choose from!

Although their On Demand section is amazing for the last-minute individuals, you can also browse and order items to be delivered later. I just clicked through to browse their items, and they have over 600 different items to offer - so get browsin'!

I can't wait to see more pictures of what you all order for your loved ones. Be sure to hashtag #shopbake and #shopbakeondemand, if you order it on demand!

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