Monday, October 09, 2017

6 Instagram Spots in Prague

But I'm 100% sure that I'm not the only one...who wants a good Instagram photo.

The one thing people kept telling me about Prague was how gorgeous it was there. From the old buildings, to the orange rooftops, to the architecture, and a famous wall - I was super excited and made sure I had time in my itinerary to visit these specific spots. I've also mapped it out at the bottom of the post for you, in case you wanted to add it to your travel plans when you visit Prague :)

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1. Starbucks

Believe it or not, this photo was taken on the patio of a Starbucks, and I stumbled across this one by accident! It is located right across one of the entrances of the Prague Castle. If you walk up a massive flight of stairs to get to the entrance (with the castle on your right side), you'll come to a ledge at the top on the left. The street the staircase leads to is called Hradcanske nam. There, you'll find the Starbucks at the end of the road!

2. John Lennon Wall

As pictured above in the cover photo of this post, one of the most famous walls in Prague for photos is definitely this one. Ever since the 1980s, this wall has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti, or whatever people may want to write. The wall was smaller than I had imagined, but I didn't have trouble finding a part of the wall I wanted to take a picture with! There will also be people there that sell spray paint if you wanted to leave your mark.

3. Charles Bridge

This stunning bridge is one of the most visited spots in Prague, and you'll see why if you go visit it during sunrise or sunset. It's a pedestrian bridge, and you'll find street art stands and street performers that are talented and entertaining! But if you're looking for a shot like below, it will only happen during sunrise.

Photo Credit: Eastern European Travel

4. Hotel Room Views at Corinthia

Prague is made up of many hills, and the Corinthia Hotel happens to be situated at the top of one of them - giving the hotel rooms a stunning view overlooking the rest of the city. It is located just outside of the main tourist and city area, which gives travellers a more calm environment to sleep in without sacrificing the views.

5. Vrtba Garden

This garden is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List was actually built between 1715 and 1720. It is the best example of the Baroque style in Prague. The greenery is groomed beautifully and the top terrace gives people a stunning view of St. Nicholas Church, as shown below. It costs about $4 to enter the garden, but if you stay at the Aria Hotel or dine there, I believe they will let you in the garden for free!

6. Old Town Square

It is no doubt that another very popular spot to visit in Prague is the Old Town Square. It is so much fun walking through it, and seeing all the different things going on. It felt like I was in Disneyland or something - especially because of the large spooky looking tower (named Church of Our Lady before Týn). But, one of the best views is if you go UP the Old Town Hall tower. You'll get the view as pictured below.

Photo Credit: Nomadic Pursuits

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