Friday, August 30, 2013 / California, USA

» The Golden State: Highlights

The Golden State
- a place where the sun shines so bright all your dreams come true -

Some of my future posts will include:
Food and sunshine(lots of it),
Downtown San Francisco,
Pier 39,
AT&T Park,
Golden Gate Bridge,
Napa Valley wineries,
Santa Monica Pier,
& my beloved family.
Stay tune!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

» Wildcraft

Happy birthday Safia! (this is a super belated post..)
- - -
During final exam season, we all took a break and went out for S's birthday.
For some good food, we went to Wildcraft.
This was what I ordered: Chicken bacon burger with sweet potato fries.
What they don't tell you to do (which I don't understand why) is that you should put the Aoli Mayo as a spread onto the burger. Makes it just absolutely delicious!!!
And my alcohol of choice: vino, of course.
M & I shared a bottle of pinot from Sicily! Delicious :)

I've been here a couple times and every time I come, I'm not really surprised. In my opinion, everything is mediocre and a little overpriced for what I'm getting.
But it does have a cute patio and it is a great place for group gatherings :)
Wildcraft on Urbanspoon
- - -
A great night with good company & a break from studying - just what I needed to destress.
- - -
fotd & ootd
I was debating on the shorts or skirt, but ended up choosing the skirt :)
top / talula
skirt / talula
scarf / primark
shoes / urban outfitters
- - -
On another related note, I just got back from my vacation to the Golden State!
I'm currently trying to piece my life back together while meeting up with a bunch of special individuals before I head back to school. I'll slowly be organizing my photos so I can share my travels with you all. Hang in there :) x

If you want a more 'current' update, follow me on instagram @ karencng!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

» Vincenzo's

Mmmm mmmm good
- - -
Since I'm leaving Waterloo for good (soon), I decided to make a to-do list of all the places (mainly food) that I wanted to try before leaving.
Evidently, Vincenzo's was on the top of my list.
It is a small Italian supermarket that sold basically anything you can think of - from oil/vinegar dispensers to wine and cheese wooden boards to fresh ham and foods. (It smells amazing in there)
They had a cold cuts section just to the right of this but my main interest was the hot foods bar.
They had soups, pasta, and two sandwiches that sounded mouthwatering.
So, I got the veal on a bun & M got chicken schnitzel on a bun.
And oh it did not disappoint.
Here is the veal on bun (and of course I'd get an americano).
The chicken schnitzel
What I didn't tell you is that the buns were sauteed mushroom and pepper filled.
Just absolutely delicious!!
I can't believe I've never been here before. I guess it's out of the way but it's soo worth it.
Can't wait to go again to buy some fresh meat/cheese and try something else!
Vincenzo's on Urbanspoon
- - -
& yes, I'm back to blogging :$! But not for long.
I'm heading out to the West Coast tomorrow so when I come back from that vacation, I'll actually be back.
Look forward to my travel posts :)

Friday, August 09, 2013

» The 4 Ks

Who sends me snapchats while I am sad and studying?!
Of course it's these goofs :)
- - -
I, absolutely love my family.
I'd turn down plans with friends just to hang out with my fams. (Slash I always do that...hehe sorry fwends)
That's just how we are.
There is never a time where we aren't laughing or just being silly.
I can honestly say they're my best friends :')

OKAY, this is the end of my sappy post.
I just miss them :(
I hate this stupid final exam season when I don't get to go home.

Can't wait to be done on August 12th!!
- - -

On another note, sorry for not updating! I've been consumed by my final exam season. I'll start posting again once I'm done :)

Monday, August 05, 2013

» Voyager Avec KN

The fact that I started Voyager Avec KN (my travel blog) over a year ago,
And the fact that it's almost been a year since I've embarked on my European adventure,
AND the fact that my travel blog still gets over 500 views a month...
Calls for a "I miss Europe" post.
- - -
It's hard to resist posting some (okay, I'm going to post a lot) pictures of my amazing trip haha so here are some of my highlights :)
Paris, France
Nice, France
Ibiza, Spain
Santorini, Greece
Sahara Desert
Venice, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Rome, Italy
Bangkok, Thailand
Swiss Alps
London, England
- - -
& now some bits and pieces of my Parisian life...
My room in Paris!
Weekly tea time at Ladurée 
ISC Paris - the school I attended
Eiffel Tower - during the day & at night
- - -
For more pictures of my adventures, go check it out for yourself at Voyager-Avec-KN :)

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