Monday, October 28, 2013

» Look guys, I did it!

After 4 and a half years of hard work and maybe a little too much fun,
I am so very proud to say that I am now officially a Wilfrid Laurier graduate!

A special thanks to my family and friends who supported me to get to this milestone in life :)
And now.. Onto the next chapter!!

Congratulations Class of 2013!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

• these small moments

{ the anticipation of my first coffee of the day to brew }

If you know me, you will know that I absolutely loveeee my coffee.
Some days, I don't snooze my alarm and am super happy to wake up.
Why? Because I can't wait to drink that first sip of warm goodness!
And today was one of those days :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

» Pin This! Tuesday

Some of my favorite pins this week:

Dream Closet

Designer Bags

Dream Home

Little Humans



Happy Tuesday!

And because I know you are all awesome.. Can you please do me a favor and help me win a contest?
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Thank you my lovelies!! :)

» Loui's Kouzina

Let's take a little foodie trip to Greece, shall we?
- - -
Even the interior is decorated like Greece haha. I loved the pictures that were put up around the walls too!
Sidenote: I miss Santorini :(
Greek salad... Yums
Lamb Souvlaki
Pork Souvlaki
Oh my noms.

Verdict: super delicious!
They had options to have a small plate or a large plate, and these were all small plates!! They give a really generous portion for everything.
The pork was a little dry, but other than that, everything was absolutely delicious.

So if you're in the area looking for a good little sit down restaurant and craving some tzatziki sauce.. Try this place out!
Loui's Kouzina on Urbanspoon

Sunday, October 20, 2013

• these small moments

{ the wave of relief when you finish something important and can finally relax }

As I was going through my midterm season at school, my days have been filled with stressful and sleepless nights as I stay up studying. I never appreciated how relaxing it is to just sit and do nothing. That is, until I had to sit and study all day long! But I finished my first round of midterms yesterday and have a little break now!! So yay to free time :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

• New Blog Series: These Small Moments

I'm starting a new series for myself called,
{ these small moments }

So often, I catch myself focusing on only the big picture and as a result, I overlook the simple fact that sometimes it's the little things that really matter.

Someone once said,

This will help me step back and remind myself of the small, yet significant, moments that I simply forget.

I'll update my first one tomorrow!
Feel free to share your small moments with me too :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 / Yorkville, Toronto, ON, Canada

» Afternoon Tea with the Queen @ MoRoCo

Just kidding - just with two of my faves :)
- - -
Our choice of tea
Tea Time :)
- - -
Bottom Tier: 4 finger sandwiches
Second tier: scones
Top tier: dessert!
- - -
My favorite combination: a buttered scone and a cup of hot fruity tea :)
They came with a vanilla scone and a cocoa scone - I have to say I like the traditional flavor over the chocolate one.
The dessert platter was rather toooo sweet. And coming from me, a person who absolutely can never say no to sweets.. It's a big deal.
Don't get me wrong though, they were all delicious but I couldn't finish it.
- - -
All in all, I had a great time and the food was good. 
The service was quite slow but they were really friendly. We went at a rather non-busy time (as in we were the only ones there), and I liked that.
I wouldn't say that it was worth the $50 and I would never come back again, but it was still a nice experience :)
MoRoCo on Urbanspoon

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

» Peace out, LAX

Before leaving, I had to visit LACMA! Not the actual museam though.. Just the outside :)
Peek a boo!
- - -
And then off to the airport we went..
And away we go!
Airports = VIP Lounges = unlimited alcohol :)

And my view from the plane..
One last goodbye.
Bye California :) see you again soon.


» Photo Diary: Up to Date

One of my fave random photos I found on my phone heh


Of course I had to wear my Laurier sweater to write my last exams of my undergrad!

A hidden gem in Uptown Waterloo: Balzac in The Tannery District.
They have different specialty coffee beans for you to choose from, but being overwhelmed and boring, I got my usual Americano. If it was closer, I would definitely come here more often!
Balzac's Coffee on Urbanspoon

Some airplane reads.. From the best vacation spots to a French magazine about wine to BMW to Fashion.

If you think Booster Juice is delicious, wait until you try Jamba Juice!
Being back in the States meant it was obligatory for me to get one :) happiest.
Jamba Juice on Urbanspoon

Toronto night lights :)

So.. I randomly decided to start golfing LOL whut.

Mortys - my favorite wings in Waterloo, hands down!
We got honey garlic and dry cajun (my boring, but delicious choice!)
If you like super breaded wings, this is the place for you :)
Morty's Pub on Urbanspoon

One of my fave weekly homemade dinners!

Midterm season :(

Cashmere & Booties season!
Forest Green + pleather

Best way to start my mornings

silly snapchats


coffee dates x coffee stains

Frat Burger...omnomnomnom

Beautiful day to stroll around downtown Toronto with my favorite bubble tea, Chatime!

Bartenura, my new favorite sweet white wine.
Being a white wine girl that loves any wine from Italy, it was no surprise I'd like this one too!

My new shoes, that I bought for my graduation ceremony!

And to end off my photo diary post with a photo quote:

And because I know you are all awesome.. Can you please do me a favor and help me win a contest?
All you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK.
You don't need to sign up or anything. Just click it and I'll gain an entry into the draw.
Thank you my lovelies!! :)
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