Friday, July 31, 2015

Oyster Boy

I brought my favorite boy to Oyster Boy for Father's Day :)

Located in Trinity Bellwoods, next to the park, is this cutest little oyster place.

Mike's Restaurant

I stumbled across this corner joint on my walk through Davis Square. 

Mike's Restaurant seemed pretty busy, and it had a nice patio area with open windows, so we decided to stop in for lunch. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015 / Boston, MA, USA

Bleacher Bar

Before a Red Sox game, you have to have a solid pre-game. The Bleacher Bar was the bar to go to before a game. Being one of the biggest games of the season, there was no doubt it'd be packed inside. There was even a line outside!

We quickly ordered a couple beers, and sat down so we didn't have to be a part of the crowd. But don't get me wrong. I loved the energy in this place. It really made you excited for the game to start. Especially with this awesome view to watch the players warm up!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clockwork Coffee

I'm a sucker for cute coffee places, if you didn't know that already.

And Clockwork coffee fit the bill nicely.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bruegger's Bagels

This was the first time eating a bagel since the last time I had a bagel a couple years ago when I decided I hated them. Oh boy am I happy to know that I don't hate them :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

J.P. Licks

My most recent getaway was a weekend in Boston :) I'll updated a travel post on that trip soon.
But first things first... Ice cream.

I passed by a number of ice cream shops while I was walking around Harvard Square, but I made sure I waited to get my ice cream fix at J.P. Licks.

I asked for recommendations from multiple individuals for ice cream, and J.P. Licks was the one that was always mentioned. So how could I not try it for myself?


Saturday, July 18, 2015


Bagelsaurus is a new bagel shop in Cambridge.
And they are known to have the best bagels in town!

And during my trip to Boston, I got a chance to try them out. 

This was actually the second time visiting, since the first time I went, the line was all the way down the street! The customers I talked to in the line said that the bagels were worth the long wait though.

We secured a table while we waited (which did not take long at all). But you do have to be aggressive with the tables as there is limited seating.

D ordered the Classic Jumbo and added bacon to it - yum.

I decided to make my own. I got a plain bagel with salmon, lettuce, bacon, and cream cheese.
(They will toast your bagel, but only if you request for it!)

I also got the cold brew to help fuel my day.

The bagels were delicious! I think they missed the part where I asked for a little bit of cream cheese, as it was everywhere haha. I basically had a full napkin of cream cheese as I was trying to scrap off as much as I could. But as for everything else, it was good. However, I didn't think it was thaaaat good to wait in line for more than 30 minutes for breakfast in the morning - especially if you're like me, and need your coffee/something in your belly A S A P after you wake up.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Senator Restaurant

I haven't blogged about a brunch place in forever! So here is this one - brunch at one of the oldest restaurants in Toronto. 

Walking in on a Saturday morning, I was super happy to know that there wasn't a line.

Besides the cute diner area in the back, there is also a coffee bar and a mini patio area outside.

We opted to sit inside though, in one of their little nooks.


Of course we both got coffee :9 was there even another option?

D ordered the Senator Breakfast that consisted of bacon, eggs, toast, and home fries - a classic breakfast choice. They had homemade jam at the table for the toast, but it looked like it had been played with so we didn't bother touching that lol.

This delicious looking plate is the Salmon Eggs Benedict. It comes with 2 poached eggs and smoked salmon with hollandaise on a homemade biscuit. It was also served with a salad or home fries. I decided to go with the salad, since I already knew I'd need something 'light' to balance out my hearty meal.


Yummy yum yum.

Overall, breakfast was great. The service was alright - they weren't too attentive but I've experienced much worse. We weren't rushed to leave although there was quite a line when we left. Food was alright, and I was definitely full after as we both devoured our meals!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Denny's in Niagara Falls

Breakfast during the week is nonexistent but when it is during vacation? Hells yessss.


Monday, July 06, 2015

Sandwich Box

I don't think I've ever walked outside to grab lunch before lol kind of sad since our 'summer' is half over. But it was a nice day out and as I decided to use Zomato to find a lunch place, I stumbled across this place.

Sandwich Box is a fast food sandwich joint that takes pride in their fresh and natural ingredients. They have three locations in Toronto: in the Financial District, Entertainment District, and Yorkville. I visited the one on Richmond Street West as it was the closest to where I work. It's a decent sized space with a couple tables inside and outside.

So basically what happens here is... You stand in line and pick a number of toppings for your personalized sandwich. But the toppings are overwhelming, so I 100% recommend you to look it over on their website first and pick out what you want. Because once you're in line, there are no 'umm's and 'uhhh's. If you haven't made up your mind by the time you order, all you'll get are dirty looks (lol jk, people aren't that mean - just me heheh).

OR you can just choose from their Express Menu, which is small list of sandwiches that have pre-picked toppings. But if you can customize your own sandwich to exactly what you want, why settle?

(#2 was sold out by the time I got there... It'll always be a mystery!)

They also have a variety of drinks for you to grab while you wait.

And besides sandwiches, they also have soups and a salad bar where you can pick anything you want on it. It'd costs you $2.35/100g.

But of course I opted for the sandwich :)

For my bread, I went with Rosemary Foccacia. I wanted something 'thicker' and more filling, as I was hungry lol what's new.

My toppings: brie cheese, smoked chicken, and avocado (mmmmmm...)

With the avocado & chipotle mayo spread (never too much avocado!)

After they graciously put the toppings on, they grill them so they are nice and warm. It's also awesome because it helps melt the cheese to make everything gooey and just...awesome.

Each box also comes with a mini salad, which I wasn't too fond of. Dressing was blah, and the salad was pretty warm since it was next to my steaming hot sandwich, but I guess there isn't really anything they can do about that! I half wished my cheese didn't melt so much so I could stuff the salad into my sandwich, but nahhh the melted cheese was awesome.

For $10, I wouldn't say that it is worth the price since I was hungry again 2 hours later (as was my coworker who came with me). But I did really enjoy my sandwich! I can see myself coming back for sure - especially on days I'm craving certain toppings. I mean, I already know what combo I'm getting on my sandwich next so... :)

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