Tuesday, April 30, 2013

» Las Vegas bound!

Since work is over, school hasn't started, and May is just around the corner... I'm going to Las Vegas for the weekend for a mini vacay!
Be ready for a longlonglong post filled with pictures from my trip when I get back.
Be safe and enjoy your week :)


Monday, April 29, 2013

» Blue Jays vs Red Sox & Yankees

Take me out to the ball game 
- - -
Yes. I watch baseball, and no, I do not know what is going on. BUT I AM LEARNING.
I do have to give credit to my lovely NBB crew for getting me into MLB (and JP..) last year.
In tribute of that, we went out to a Jays game together with sa-weet seats, thanks to Mel :)
Watching my boys stretch and get ready for the game :)
It is actually hilarious. I've never been early enough to see them stretch.. I just lol-ed the entire time while P gave me weird looks :(
Sippy cup beers are a must at Jays games!!
Sad loss.. :(

- - -
In the same week, I got a chance to head to another Jays game. These seats were soo awesome. I got to sit right behind home plate :)


Even sadder loss..
- - -
I have concluded that I am forever destined to only go to losing home games #badluckKaren

Sunday, April 28, 2013

» Joeys

Girls catch up night @ Joeys
- - -
Going out for afterwork drinks/dinner is so unbelievably difficult downtown Toronto. There are just wayyy too many choices!
However, H chose Joeys in about 4 seconds because she loves it thaaat much. So that was that!
I've only been to the Joeys at Shops at Don Mills, so this was my first time at this location.
The interior was really similar but I'd have to say I like the Joeys at Don Mills more.
Probably because their upper level is bigger there.
We were seated on the upper level but it was mainly just a mini bar area.
Our food :)
I ordered the Sashimi Tuna Salad.
seared rare ahi, mixed greens, mango, peanuts, avocado & cilantro mint lime dressing
It was absolutely delicious!
Although I don't particularly like tuna sashimi (I'm more of a salmon sashimi girl), I love it when it is seared on the sides. Everything tasted really fresh and the peanuts added a good texture to the salad as well.
I would definitely order this again in a heartbeat, but probably ask for a little less dressing as it got quite salty near the end.
- - -
Such a great night with great company and great food :)
- - -
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

» Petite Thuet

The day S and I both had a crazy craving of macarons
- - -
I can't believe I walked past Petite Thuet every single day for the past four months and not realize that it was a French bakery. I mean the name of the cafe should have given it away, non? Karen fail.
On their website, this is their description: Reminiscent of the bustling boulangeries / patisseries of Paris, Petite Thuet is a showcase of old school ambiance and artisanal values.
That in itself made me want to leave work in the middle of the day to go and relive my time in Paris.
The interior was definitely very old and ancient looking (which I lovedddd).
Since there weren't many left (we went after work) for the day, S tried Blueberry Cheesecake and I tried the Raspberry.
Overall, I'd say that their macarons were NOT that great.
I know I can be a little biased since I've been mainly been eating macarons from Paris for the past little while.. BUT still.
The shells were a little hard and I didn't have enough filling. The flavoring wasn't strong enough and I felt like I was just eating air.
Maybe I was just unlucky but I'm probably not going to go back for the macarons! Their other baked goods/sandwiches looked amazing though.
- - -
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

» Blue Jays Opening Weekend

Blue Jays Opening Week!
- - -
Since I am such a HUGE baseball fan... I obviously had to go see one of the first Jays games of the season.
JK, I actually know nothing about baseball.
Only thing I really care about is...
#9, JP Arencibia, C
- - -
Woooo go Blue Jays go! #LoveThisTeam
Overall, I had a great time at the game.
The energy in the crowd was unbelievable. So although they lost and didn't play that well (lol) it's okay :)
I cannnottttt wait until the summer when they open the roof in the summer :D
- - -
Just a little bonus for y'all... The many faces of my love:

Saturday, April 20, 2013 / King Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

Patio Hopping | Oasis & Hey Lucy

To commence summer, M & I decided to hit up some patios.

We headed to Oasis where we were greeted with everything that we had not hoped for.
I ordered the a smoked pear + brie quesadilla, while M ordered the Baja Chicken Sandwich.
To drink, we ordered a Mojito and a Peach Bellini.
I don't even remember whether or not we enjoyed our food because look at the plates and cups. Really? Plastic cups? Lol and here we were, thinking this was a nice place to eat! Guess we can't expect too much from a rooftop patio in Toronto!
Wayne Gretzky's Toronto on Urbanspoon

Our second stop was Hey Lucy on King Street West.
And we lucked out. It was half-price Martini day!
Needless to say, we each got some delicious concoction, shared a cone of sweet potato fries, and enjoyed the cute little patio view.
Hey Lucy Cafe on Urbanspoon

Good night! xx

Saturday, April 13, 2013

» Snakes & Lattes

- - -
Snakes & Lattes is the perfect little place to go after work if you just want to relax and/or feeling nostalgic (I mean, who still sits down for hours at end to just play board games?!).
As a part of our TripC's, V and I decided to check this place out.
It was actually super busy and a really cozy setting.
The board game selection was overwhelming.
We decided to settle for Wine-opoly :)
Such cute little play pieces!
V ordered a hot chocolate, and I ordered a Nutella Latte :) it was delish!
It was such a fun night full of giggles. I swear we were drunk.. Even though we had non-alcoholic drinks. Or, maybe that's just how we are :)

- - -

Address: 600 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4
Phone: (647) 342-9229
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Thursday, April 11, 2013 / Waterloo, ON, Canada

» Beertown Public House

- - -
When I went to Waterloo, I headed to Beertown for dinner with some friends.
It is a relatively new hot spot in Waterloo and I have been seeing SO many instagram pictures of these beer paddles, so that's the main reason I wanted to go.
- - -
My friends were smart and ordered the Sweet sample paddle, which included:
Fruli Strawberry beer, Somsersby Cider, Mongonzo Pilsener, and Kronenbourg.
It is definitely full of lighter, fruity beers that are easy to drink.

V and I, on the other hand, decided not to get the Sweet paddle because we had tried all of those beers before. So being adventurous, we chose the Tour of Beer paddle, which included:
Hawaiian Pale Ale, Innis & Gunn Original Scotch Ale, Smashbomb Atomic, and English Bay Pale Ale.
Let's just say they were all disgusting LOL.
If you like strong, deeply roasted beer, then definitely get the Tour of Beer paddle. If not.. Don't even bother haha you're just going to end up being like us and literally hating every single sip we had.
- - -
Foodwise, I didn't order anything but everything that my friends ordered looked amazing. Mac & Cheese, Lettuce Wraps, Tuna Salad, to name a few.
Everything that I tried was amazing though. I think I'd rather go there for the food than for the beer! (Or it could be because I had such a gross paddle).

Nonetheless, I cannot see myself ever 'craving' to go there again but it's not a bad choice if you just want a chill night. :)
 - - -
Address: 75 King St. South – Unit 37, Waterloo, Ontario
Phone: 519.885.5151
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