Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo Diary: July 2014

Bruno Mars Concert!

With amazing seats :)

Up, up and away! One of my favorite views :)

I can never say no to wine + oysters after a long day at work (@ Biffs)

I passed my second professional accounting exam!!! Woooooo!

Which means it's time for celebrations at Vertical

Unintentional matching #twinsies

I found a Hello Kitty macaron for my mom's birthday! (her name is Kitty)

Finally found me a pair of distressed jeans

Poolside blogging in Paradise!
Pretending to be Korean for the day!
At the 1600 Panda Exhibition in Hong Kong

July 31st commences my last day of work until September 14th!

Time to go back into study mode until September 9th 8) #bye

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WWW: Persistence

"I wonder how many people have ever thought to blame their own failures on "not hanging in there long enough"? In my experience, very few. Instead, we assume we lack the ability to succeed. We decide that we don't have what it takes — whatever that is — to meet the challenge. And we really couldn't be more wrong. Grit is not an innate gift. Persisting is something we learn to do, when (and if) we realize how well it pays off."

* just a little reminder for myself

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last weekend, Coke set up these machines at the Eatons Centre to continue their #shareacoke campaign.

After lining up for 30 minutes, I got mine.

Only to realize that my name is so damn common that I could probably buy this at the grocery store. Hahah nonetheless, I love anything that is personalized and this is still pretty awesome :)

Now to make sure my family doesn't accidentally open it and drink it...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taste of Toronto 2014

Last Saturday, V and I headed to the highly anticipated Taste of Toronto.

The Taste of Toronto (@tasteoftoronto) is one of the newer food festivals taking place in Toronto.
Lasting for three days, 17 restaurants around the downtown area (and their chefs) came out to Fort York and served their signature dishes to give all the excited foodies a taste of what they served in their actual restaurants.

In addition to walking around and smelling all the amazing food, there were other stations around the festival such as wine tasting, the Electrolux Taste Threatre where a chef would do some demonstrative cooking, live music, cooking classes, and a marketplace for local stores to sell their goods.
And of course, there were multiple areas that served alcohol, and Nespresso was also there to make sure you had enough energy to continue eating throughout the day!

Here were our choices of the day:

Barque Smokehouse
Smoked duck tacos with pickled radish, carrots, crispy fried chicken skin and a hoisin BBQ sauce on a flour tortilla
If you're Asian, this tasted like a play on Peking Duck (aka delicious).

Khao San Road
Thai tea shake: Black tea, ice, condensed milk, spices
V brought up a good point - why don't they serve this at the restaurant?! I liked this slushie version of Thai Iced Tea more than the normal tea.

The Grove
Duck scotch egg with English accompaniments

Food Network's food trays, featuring V's hand.

The McEwan Group (Bymark and Fabbrica also had a signature dish here)
One’s Fried Chicken with a Buttermilk Biscuit, Housemade Slaw and Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Chef McEwan himself! Eeeeeeeeeee!

A much needed coffee break, in the cutest cups! - that I brought home with me :)

Seafood Paella: Bacalao, Mussels, Shrimp, Bay Scallops,Fish, Peas, Crispy Serrano
We waited in line for almost 30 minutes for this bad boy! I thought it'd be super amazing but it was meh.

The Grove
Octopus, pork, corn, black garlic
The octopus was very chewy and the pork was basically a block of fat. But if you ate all of the components of this dish in one bite, it tasted pretty good.

We actually ended up staying a lot longer than we expected to, since the weather permitted us to walk around slowly and aimlessly. It was an afternoon well spent, to say the least :)

Bangkok, Thailand: Eating & Walking

Until next time!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

When in Korea: Strike a Pose

Peace out, Korea!
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