Thursday, August 29, 2013

» Wildcraft

Happy birthday Safia! (this is a super belated post..)
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During final exam season, we all took a break and went out for S's birthday.
For some good food, we went to Wildcraft.
This was what I ordered: Chicken bacon burger with sweet potato fries.
What they don't tell you to do (which I don't understand why) is that you should put the Aoli Mayo as a spread onto the burger. Makes it just absolutely delicious!!!
And my alcohol of choice: vino, of course.
M & I shared a bottle of pinot from Sicily! Delicious :)

I've been here a couple times and every time I come, I'm not really surprised. In my opinion, everything is mediocre and a little overpriced for what I'm getting.
But it does have a cute patio and it is a great place for group gatherings :)
Wildcraft on Urbanspoon
- - -
A great night with good company & a break from studying - just what I needed to destress.
- - -
fotd & ootd
I was debating on the shorts or skirt, but ended up choosing the skirt :)
top / talula
skirt / talula
scarf / primark
shoes / urban outfitters
- - -
On another related note, I just got back from my vacation to the Golden State!
I'm currently trying to piece my life back together while meeting up with a bunch of special individuals before I head back to school. I'll slowly be organizing my photos so I can share my travels with you all. Hang in there :) x

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