Friday, August 09, 2013

» The 4 Ks

Who sends me snapchats while I am sad and studying?!
Of course it's these goofs :)
- - -
I, absolutely love my family.
I'd turn down plans with friends just to hang out with my fams. (Slash I always do that...hehe sorry fwends)
That's just how we are.
There is never a time where we aren't laughing or just being silly.
I can honestly say they're my best friends :')

OKAY, this is the end of my sappy post.
I just miss them :(
I hate this stupid final exam season when I don't get to go home.

Can't wait to be done on August 12th!!
- - -

On another note, sorry for not updating! I've been consumed by my final exam season. I'll start posting again once I'm done :)
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