Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kenzo Ramen

Kenzo Ramen opened up a new location in Waterloo about half a year ago. Located in such a prime location (in the Waterloo Plaza) and being the Asian I am, C and I went to check it out during exam time.
We forgot how disgusting the lines were.
We had to wait almost an hour in the cold until we got to go inside! (I'm sure the line would have died down by now)

I ordered the Tonkatsu Miso Ramen Hakata, which is pork bone soup ramen with a kick of miso flavour. C ordered Karashi Ramen, which is spicy ramen with Japanese Karashi hot sauce topped off with roasted pork slices.

Both were pretty good. I wanted a little kick of spice to mine (surprisingly) and asked for hot flakes which I underestimated. I was sweating by the time we finished eating haha.
And being the fatties we are, we ordered a side of dumplings to share!

Overall, the meal was good but I wouldn't line up an hour just for this (especially in the wintery cold).
Also, the waiters were ridiculously slow and didn't seem to care that there wasn't a line outside. When I was waiting for a table outside, they had 3 empty tables but the waitress was just too lazy to clean them and stood there.. But as for the food, I've got to say it beats any Asian noodles around here!
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