Monday, June 20, 2016

Urban Whisky Trail with Toronto Food Tours

A little earlier this month, I got the opportunity to go an Urban Whisky Trail led by Toronto Food Tours (@foodtoursTO). For those whisky lovers, this is for you. It is exactly what you think it is. You walk around Toronto bar-hopping and drinking whisky. I had such a fun experience wandering around downtown with the two hosts, John Anderson and Chef Scott Savoie. Let's start drinkin'!

We started off our tour at Char No. 5 at the Delta Hotel, where we were presented with this whisky flight. After learning a bit about the whisky, we learned how to sip and taste it. To me, this was a nightmare. I used to be a 'shots-shots-shots' kinda gal, but I'm more of a casual wine drinker now. So you can understand my 'oh no' when seeing this. My friend, on the other hand, is an avid whisky/scotch drinker, so I just followed her and drank. Have you had any of the four before?

My favourite out of the four was the third one. What did I like about it? To be completely honest, I do not remember except the fact that it went down the smoothest out of the other three. Not bad, for a first time whisky sipper? ;)

Our second stop was at The Consort Bar in the Omni King Edward Hotel. We were led to a private area on the 2nd floor that overlooks the entire bar - it was a pretty nice spot. After drinking straight whisky, we were served something that I would gladly order 10 more of. In a cocktail form, we were presented with the most delicious blackberry whisky sours. This is how I like my whisky! Ps. How cute are their stir sticks?!

Getting a little hungry now, we head to our third stop at the Flatiron and Firkin Pub. We got to noms on some Prosciutto Flatbread (provolone, apple & bacon chutney, arugula) and Salt & Pepper Crispy Duck Wings. I was happy to be eating (when am I not though), but also happy that the drink we were paired with was a Manhattan. I've always been indifferent when it comes to Manhattans, but I found that this was easier to drink than I had remembered. I've heard that whisky is an acquired taste (like beer, for example) but was I getting accustomed all too quickly?! :O 

The fourth and last stop of the night was at CC Lounge & Whisky Bar. After getting seated at a booth, we were greeted with a shot. As mentioned before, I do not do well with shots. I sipped this one and found it to be very smooth. Again, I'm not sure if it is because I was starting to like whisky or if it's because the alcohol was starting to hit me haha (probably the latter, if I was being completely honest). Next up, we were presented with a lemon whisky cocktail. I really enjoyed this one, but didn't find it strong enough. I actually ended up pouring my shot into this cocktail to make it stronger heh.

AND THEN, get this... We had a chocolate, cheese, and whisky tasting. I know!! What?!? We were told to take a sip of the whisky, eat a piece of chocolate, sip, eat a piece of cheese, sip, & repeat. Disclaimer: I may or may not have repeated the eating part more often than the sipping.

Did you know Toronto has a whisky tunnel, and it is located inside CC Lounge? We got to go inside and we learned a bit about how whisky is made and admire the whisky collection. Although whisky wasn't my thing before I came on this tour, I think it could be one day.

Besides having this whisky tour, Toronto Food Tours operates other culinary tours and activities around Toronto. They host tours and events 7 days a week, and even do corporate functions. You can check out the other tours they operate here. If you're looking for someone to walk you through Toronto to eat and drink, these are your guys! We had a lot of fun (evidence below hehe), and I hope to join them again on another tour!

*Thanks TO Food Tours for taking me around for a night and teaching me about whisky and Toronto, and to Branding & Buzzing for inviting me to such a fun night! In addition, you know all those beautiful quality photos you see in this post? They were all taken by Josh Tenn-Yuk from*
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