Monday, November 27, 2017 / Nashville, TN, USA

Weekend Getaway to Nashville, TN

Grab your whiskeys on ice & experience music on fire in Nashville, Tennessee.

Visiting Nashville was one of the best vacations I went on this year.
Disclaimer: it may be because all I did was eat and drink haha.

Nicknamed Music City for obvious reasons, I had the best time bar hopping, or honky-tonk hopping, all while listening to live country music. Everyone says that the best time to visit Nashville is during autumn, mainly due to weather, & I'd have to agree. We went in November & it was warm with the perfect amount of breeze - basically t-shirt weather during the day & at night, you're able to wear cute boots (without your feet getting sweaty lol)!

Located in the Upper South, you won't be able to escape the southern cuisine and hospitality. One piece of advice? Leave your diet at home.

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Places To Eat & Drink

Gray & Dudley — Locally sourced ingredients really makes a difference and you can tell if you eat here. I could barely stop gushing over how delicious my braised ribs were. They also serve a mean old fashioned.

The Flipside — Order yourself a plate of tots and chicken (with 21 different toppings) in a retro-styled diner, with an enormous bloody mary on the side? Yes please.

Marsh House — They're known for their buttery biscuits & I can attest to that. I could barely stop licking my fingers after. They also serve the freshest seafood dishes (oh hi oyster platter) & recently won the best fried dish with their shrimp toast.

Biscuit Love — The hype is real. Although there is always a line out the door, it'll be worth it once you get your hands on a East Nasty - a piece of fried chicken in-between a buttery biscuit smothered in sausage gravy (pictured above). Pro Tip: if you don't want to wait an hour in line, head over to Biscuit Love's new location in Hillsboro Village.

Hattie B's Hot Chicken — Speaking of fried chicken, you haven't had it good until you've had it hot from Hattie B's. I personally can't handle spicy food, which is why I'm smiling like this here lol, but the above was still some of the best I've had & their constant line up is a true testament to it's goodness.

ACME Feed & Seed — This three-story building has different vibes on each floor. So depending on your mood, you can enjoy fast-casual cuisine while trying out the 28 different beers on tap on the first floor - OR you can lounge around on the second floor by playing vintage games & order from an extensive bourbon/whiskey collection.

Tootsie's — 3 story bar with a bar on each floor & different types of music (live music, of course) on each floor? Hellya.

Legends Corner — Recently voted as the number one Country Bar in Nashville! And you just know it'll be a good time if a place is always packed with people no matter what day of the week or time of day.

Things To Do

Visit Broadway Street — Also known as "Nash Vegas", because of the strips of honky tonks spread out over 5 blocks. If there's one thing you must do in Nashville, it's this.

Tour the Grand Ole Opry  To listen to live country music at a honky tonk is one thing, but to hear a mix of new stars and legends perform on stage is another. Be sure to book in a show if you have time!

Attend a NFL/NHL Game  If you're a lover of either of these sports & there's a game going on when you're in town, this is a no brainer. But even if you aren't, the atmosphere when you're in the stadium is something you have to experience. Also, when there's alcohol involved, why not?

Browse around the Country Music Hall of Fame — just cause you're in Music City. But also, only recommended if you are a huge fan of country music and stars. 

Explore the city by foot & find the wall murals  There are a number of iconic walls you have to take pictures in front of (yes, you'll have to line up to get a picture). The "I Believe in Nashville" sign is located in 12 South with the exact location here. For a great compilation of wall murals in different areas, visit this site!

Where To Stay

Union Station Hotel — The perfect mix between a modern hotel with an old flair, as it was originally a railroad terminal in 1900. The train lines under the hotel are still running, but you won't need to take a train to get to the Broadway strip or The Gulch area.

21c Museum Hotel Nashville — Steps away from Broadway & the water, this hotel made museum can be your perfect home for the weekend. It's quiet throughout the day, but you're always just a stone throws away from the action. It is also home to the yummiest restaurant, Gray & Dudley, so book your resos here.

Thompson Hotel — Located in The Gulch, which I would call the Liberty Village area of Toronto, this luxury hotel is a great place to stay. It has a stunning rooftop bar, LA Jackson, which a great view of the city's skyline. It is also just quick ride away from the 12 South area & the Broadway strip.

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& there you have it! I hope this travel guide either convinced you to want to visit Nashville or helped you plan your trip :) 
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