Friday, September 19, 2014

Guu Izakaya

Guu is one of the most popular izakayas in Toronto, and this isn't my first time here. But I made sure to try dishes I've never had before.

First up was the Salmon Natto Yukke, which consists of chopped salmon sashimi with "7 friends" namely natto, takuan, shibazuke, scallion, cucumber, garlic chips, and a raw egg yolk.

Your server will help you mix all the ingredients together until it looks like this slimy little glob.

You're given pieces of seaweed and you just wrap it up like this and eat it!

This was definitely a very interesting dish. I've never eaten a raw egg yolk before and I was not particularly fond of the texture as it was super slimy.

Next we ordered the Kinoko Bibimbap, which is rice and mushrooms with seaweed sauce in a sizzling stone bowl (without cheese).

This was so delicious! We opted out of the cheese and could not imagine how it would taste like with cheese. I think we made a wise decision to not add in the cheese.

Okonomiyaki is a deep fried Japanese pancake with squid, tonkatsu sauce, and karashi mayo.
This dish was my favourite dish of the night. It tastes exactly like the description and the sauces were a great compliment to the dish. I would order this again!

One of their daily specials: the Spicy Pork Belly.
I love pork belly but the sauce was really heavy so I was very glad we ordered the bibimbap as I paired the two together when eating it. I also took some of the lettuce they gave to wrap the pork belly (like the Koreans...) and that was delicious!

Can't wait to come back for some more dishes!

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