Thursday, October 09, 2014

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

Opened by the owners of Sukhothai and Sabai Sabai (and ex-owners of Khao San Road), Pai was opened to try and make it onto the list of amazing Thai restaurants in Toronto.

As it is located on a lower level of the complex on Duncan Street, you can definitely tell when walking in. The atmosphere is very casual, with a bar area as well as dining tables.

The food they serve here seemed to be the same as the other Thai restaurants they own. I wonder what the difference really is...

First up, we had to get the Thai Iced Tea - one of my ultimate favorite drinks.

Unfortunately, they put too much condensed milk in the tea so it tasted a bit funky :( very disappointed.

As for the main course, I was boring and ordered Chef Nuit's Pad Thai with chicken.

Our meal in all it's glory:

The pad thai was good. The portions are very large, so I was happy when I was getting full but still had half of the plate to go!

As for the ambiance, it was very loud inside. Maybe too loud.
If I wanted to talk, I basically had to scream so that the other side of table could hear me - not ideal. The food was what I had expected and the iced teas were on the disappointing side.
Overall, it was a good meal but I don't think I would come back.

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