Saturday, November 22, 2014

Origin Restaurant

Looking for a new place to try near Union Station, I decided to finally check out one of Claudio Aprile's restaurants, Origin.

Unfortunately, we went for dinner so it was really dark inside. With the window walls at the front of the restaurant, I would believe that Origin would look beautiful during the day (for brunch?!).

As we did not make reservations, we were seated at this lovely large table (which we shared with another party).

Their one-page menu was full of many interesting dishes. It seemed like they had a dish for each cuisine possible! So we decided to order a couple appetizers to share, along with our main meal.

 Bufala mozzarella + pear + rosemary oil + pinenuts + honey

 Tostones + guacamole

Crispy calamari + caramelized peanut sauce + pineapple + shredded vegetables

Chicken tostada + poblano mojo + black beans + queso fresco + cilantro

Origin beef burger + avocado + smoked mayo + arugula

Spicy Spanish fries + chorizo + manchego

Overall, we really loved our time here. My favorite dishes were definitely the two appetizers we ordered to share, and my spanish fries!! I had ordered the burger because I was craving avocado (lol I know, who does that) but I didn't taste any so that was sad. The one dish I would 100% recommend would be the tostones and guac. The tostones were nice and warm and just absolutely delicious with the guac. AH just thinking about it makes me crave it.

Can't wait to have a chance to go check out Origin North!

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