Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mi-Ne Sushi

I have never taken a panorma picture for food before, but here is my first one!
The sushi rolls here at Mi-Ne are so large that it wouldn't fit in a normal picture.

Decided to come here after work because I didn't know Japantown closed on Mondays! So sad. The only thing I heard about this restaurant is that it is expensive. I fully understand why now. Their sushi rolls are MASSIVE.

I wish I had something to compare it to but it would be comparable to the size of a fist. So awesome!

We started off with some green tea and this sushi platter. We ordered a small size, and opted for all salmon (luckily all four of us were salmon lovers).

It came with 18 nigiri rolls, 3 spicy salmon rolls, 3 california rolls, and a tempura roll.

We also ordered the Boston Roll, which had spicy salmon, cucumber, crab meat, tobiko & avocado inside.

And the Orangeville (a crowd favourite, and also the first roll out of the 30 that popped out to me). This one was a spicy scallop roll, wrapped with fresh salmon, tobiko & avocado.

Here are the insides of the two rolls. Top is Orangeville and the bottom is the Boston.
Each roll came with 9 massive pieces.

I was super full after all this food, and it didn't even seem much for four people! The only thing was that they did not serve you green tea ice cream, like usual Japanese restaurants. It left me with a green tea ice cream void that I needed to fill. Other than that, the service was good and the food is definitely worth the price :)

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