Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 4/5: The Last of Lisbon, Portugal

After a hectic couple days, we headed back to Lisbon for the remaining 24 hours.

We started off the day with an awesome shower and breakfast at the hostel. I found my favorite cereal from Greece when I was in Europe 3 years ago :) best.

After breakfast and hanging out for a bit, we headed out towards Belém.
45 minutes of a crammed tram later, we made it to our first stop - obviously food.

After filling our bellies, we started walking around the area and visited Jerónimos Monastery.

What a gorgeous building.. Can't get over these beautiful and intricate arches and details of this place.

We spent a solid hour just taking photos - typical us :)

After this, we also went to the Torre de Belém. It was not anything spectacular. 

But we did realize that Lisbon has a bridge that looks exactly like the Golden Gate Bridge in SF!

After our little day in Belém, we headed back to the city core in hopes of making it for sunset at a really nice viewpoint. We took the famous Tram 28 through the windy and steep roads to get to Castelo de São Jorge. order to get this amazing view.
Just beautiful!!! 
The orange rooftops + sun setting + view of the ocean and the bridge was perfect.

After the sun set, we started to get hungry and stopped by a random restaurant that we passed by to eat. Rio Coura was our choice of poison, and it left me happy and content.

We rushed back to the hostel to make it in time for our pubcrawl *insert dancing red dress emoji girl*

It was an awesome night to say the least (from what I remember anyway...). I recommend doing this for sure! You get to explore the Bairro Alto area with people who know where they're going plus getting to meet other people who are also travelling, while getting wasted... So worth it.

We got back to the hostel super late but we had no where to go in the morning, so it was perfect.
We rolled out of bed, packed our things, and headed out one last time. 

After walking around Praça do Comércio to find last minute souvenirs, we headed back to Mercado da Ribeira for some lunch before heading to the airport.

As we took our lunches to go, we rushed to the airport to leave for Toronto only to find out that our flight would be delayed 5 hours. FUN.
That just made us that much happier when we got home :)

I had the best time these past couple days, and am happy I got to share my experiences.

Toodaloo! Until my next adventure - (California posts are coming up! Hehe)
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