Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rio Coura

I came across Rio Coura by chance, when walking back to my hostel from Castelo de São Jorge, and was quite pleased that we did. It is a quaint little restaurant with approximately 10 or so tables. 

It was quite busy for a Thursday night, but we managed to snag a table in the midst of all the locals. I am pretty sure we were the only ones in there that did not know Portuguese. But hey, do as the locals do right? I always find that going into restaurants that don't know English will mean either 1 of the two: they won't know what you want or they'll serve you the most delicious authentic food in the city.

For us, we were hoping for some amazing seafood and I wasn't disappointed. Everything on the menu was so cheap for the quality of the fish that was given to us. Gotta love the local pricing! 

S ordered the cod, while I ordered some other white fish that was the fish of the day (sorry, I forgot the name!). 

The plating/presentation is not stellar... But our dishes were cooked perfectly! S is not a huge fan of 'fishy' seafood and thought hers was a little too fishy. However, I am a lover of all seafood and I thought it was cooked perfectly. The side vegetables and potatoes were also just as good. I was thoroughly pleased with this meal, especially for the price.

We also tried the "green wine", as I heard it was a 'thing' to try. However, we thought it just tasted like super light champagne - not that special.

I would definitely recommend stopping by Rio Coura if you are in the area. I don't think I would be back (just because I am a tourist, and would always like to try new places) but you really do get the bang for your buck here for absolutely delicious seafood dishes!

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