Friday, January 22, 2016

Miku Restaurant

Miku is known for their aburi oshi sushi, which is pressed sushi that is seared with a blowtorch, as shown in the photo above. It was truly a process, and when paired with all the other ingredients and techniques used by the sushi chef, it is a delicious little rectangle.

I had the opportunity to attend a tasting at Miku back when it recently opened in 2015. They are located in a building at Bay and Queens Quay, near the financial district.

What a beautiful interior!!

We were sectioned off into the bar area of the restaurant, where we were graced with easy access to the two important bars in this restaurant - the sushi bar and the cocktail bar lol. There were also some other interactive stations where we were able to see the sushi chefs do what they do best.

We tried a number of their signature cocktails and sushi rolls. 

My favourite roll was definitely the Red Wave roll, that is pictured above. It is crab and avocado wrapped in red tuna with masatake sauce.

Another favourite was the Ebi Fritters - white tiger prawns, herb-beer battered, sweet chili aioli, chili powder, with a soy-balsamic reduction.

At another station, they were torching the beef wraps. It was such a process to see them wrap each one carefully and then torch them.

And here's their finished product! Yummy yum.

With the beef rolls, pictured above are the specialty cocktails mentioned earlier as well as the Miku roll. This roll has salmon, crab, uni, and cucumber wrapped in rice rolled in tobiko and miku sauce. This was absolutely delicious!! It really reminded me of the Jabistro Roll from Jabistro.

Another favourite station was the sashimi station. How could I say no to this?! It was so good.

They also had freshly shucked oysters, but that ran out very quickly.

The most popular station was definitely the aburi station. Here they had the salmon oshi sushi and the ebi oshi sushi. Pictured above is the salmon oshi - pressed wild salmon with rice, topped with a jalapeno and miku sauce torched.

On the right side is the ebi oshi - pressed prawn with rice, topped with lime zest and ume sauce torched. As mentioned above, this is one of Miku's most popular sushi orders.

But my utmost favourite thing of the night was this dessert. Oh my goodness. This Green Tea Opera - layers of green tea gĂ©noise, matcha butter cream, dark chocolate ganache and azuki bean cream, and a hazelnut wafer...o m g. It's a must try when you go - trust meeee!!

It was such a fun night with the staff at Miku and everyone else at this event. 
*I attended this event courtesy of Narrative PR; however, please note that all opinions expressed are solely my own.*

Miku Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This media event really made me want to come again...and I did!!

I came for V's birthday, and we were seated in one of the little booths (which I liked more than their open tables).

Here is the army of sushi that we ordered hehe. The Miku roll, Red Wave Roll, and the Miku Signature Selection Sushi Plate at the back.

Here's a close up shot of the the Signature Selection plate. I wish I could tell you what each one was, but I honestly did not remember / hear what the server said. Oops!!! Either way, it was really good. We both nommed away, and enjoyed basically each piece that we had.

For dessert, we obviously had to get the Green Tea Opera... I definitely had to make sure V got to try this delicious layered dessert.

It also came with a scoop of green tea ice cream, as shown below. AH it was so good!! I cannot recommend this dessert enough.

Overall, I had a really great time at Miku both times that I went to visit. Although it does come with a very high price tag, I think it is something you should try once. I would highly recommend ordering one of their rolls. But if not sushi, then you should definitely go for their dessert. It definitely worth the visit.
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