Monday, January 04, 2016

Mr. Holmes Bakeshop ✌

When asking other foodies in the SF area where I should visit when I was in town, a majority of them mentioned Mr. Holmes. After all, holmes is where the heart is...right?

Mr. Holmes Bakeshop is a bakery located on Larkin Street between Sutter and Post. (Beware of all the one way streets!) Can you please just do yourself a favour, and click that link? Here, I will link it again for you - click here.

Mr. Holmes is known for their famous cruffins - a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin.
Although they open their doors at 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends, they only start selling cruffins every morning at 9am. I've been told that there is usually a long line and it is sold out within an hour or two!!

They also have flavour updates every week and they sell many different delicious sounding flavours, such as these ones.

During my visit, I wasn't able to go line up for cruffins in the early morning but I still went for some of their other pastries!

We left with a butter croissant, three chocolate croissants and a blueberry bomb brioche (and an americano, of course! Hehe).

Although the bakery was very packed and we did have to wait in line for around 15 minutes, I'd say it was well worth it. All the pastries we chose were delicious and as you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed mine! Although I really wish I got to try a cruffin so I could tell you how good they were, but I can't. However, I do have 100% confidence in my sources that have tried it, and it is the bomb.

So if you are a pastry lover, be sure to visit Mr. Holmes. He'll treat you very well ✌
And if you're an early riser, please go and get a cruffin (and let me know how it is!!)
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