Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Figures Toronto

When comic books and food join forces, they become an un-beet-able duo.
...Ha ha ha, *slow clap*. Okay that was a bad one, but you guys loved it. Don't lie.

Figures is a new restaurant located in Yorkville, where you have to call Captain America (unfortunately, I don't mean literally. You just need to press a button that looks like his shield) in order to open the door and enter. Walking in, you'll find that the interior is stunning. It's covered with locally commissioned art, and am very sad to say that I wasn't allowed to take any photos for you guys. It's just another reason for you to visit for yourself though, just sayin' ;)

After taking in the art work, we ordered our cocktails and let the chef send out dishes for us to try. Figures' bar is headed by one of the best mixologists in the city, James Bailey (from Furlough), so it's easy to say that we were not disappointed with our drinks.

As for the food, we got to taste the following items:

Beet | Chevre, Truffle
Beef Carpaccio
Octopus | Escabeche, Black Garlic
Lump Crab | Watercress, Old Bay
Oxtail | Plantain, Red Stripe
Coho Salmon | Sunchoke, Dandelion
Beignet | Nutella, Blood Orange
Mexican Chocolate | Fleur de Sel, 22 Carat Gold

First, I must say that I have nothing negative to say about any of the dishes we tried. Everything was so good, and I honestly ate way more than I should have. The beet tower was one of my favourites. I only recently started eating beets, believe it or not, and happy I did or I'd miss out on this dish! You also can't go wrong with beef carpaccio. It was very flavourful, and it came on a bed of greens which was a nice compliment to the carpaccio.
The lump crab cake was another favourite, and it was just so good when dipped in the sauce! Out of the warm dishes, the oxtail was my favourite (I was also told by the people that worked at Figures that this was their favourite dish as well). The flavours were there, and the meat was just so tender. Gah, I'm getting hungry just typing about it! Continue to scroll if you want to see photos of it (obvs you do ;) haha).

The menu at Figures changes on a daily basis, based on what is in season. So I hope you visit Figures soon before they change some of my favourite dishes mentioned above!

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