Sunday, May 07, 2017

Military Lattes at BoB Coffee Bar

The highly coveted, and craved, military latte has finally arrived in Toronto!
You can now find this robust latte at BoB Coffee Bar, located at 440 Christie Street.

We all know how much I love drinking espresso, and I know I drink way more than the recommended daily intake. But to make matters worse (or better), I discovered something I loved even more - a military latte. I discovered it last August when I visited Chicago and made a stop at Sawada Coffee.

The military latte is a combination of the delicious matcha + roasted espresso. It's the perfect latte for those matcha lovers who want an additional strong punch of caffeine. I definitely got hit hard with this, & I'm not typically affected by caffeine.

Safe to say this espresso-matcha combination is killer, but am I ever so happy I discovered it.

Head on over to BoB and try it out for yourself!

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