Thursday, September 14, 2017

Summer Coppo Salad

Guys, did summer come back and give us an extra week?! I am loving this warm weather this week, as opposed to the cold winds that were giving me chills last week. I'm definitely taking full advantage of this weather until it's gone! Enjoying the last bit of summer means being outside, and maybe even enjoying a BBQ on the patio.

Disclaimer: I always contribute to 'potluck'-type dinners with the easiest dish to make lol. Salads are something that I make on a weekly basis when I meal prep, so I decide to whip up a super simple summer salad. Last time, I used Mastro's Capocollo and added it to my fave pasta. This time I'm taking the hot, spicy version of capocollo to spice up my salad and give it that kick.

Coppo, short for capocollo (cus I have a weird problem of spelling it wrong), is a cold cut made from pork shoulder - between the pig's head and neck. The regular flavour was a great addition to the pasta that I made in my last post, as it added flavour to the dish and mixed in well with the pasta sauce. This time around, as mentioned above, I decided to use the hot spicy coppo as the main focus of the salad. I started by frying it up in my pan, like I did in my previous recipe post, and then cut up my fave veggies for the salad.


Orange bell pepper


Baby tomatoes

Crisp romaine lettuce

And then... You just dump everything together into a bowl and serve!
As easy as 1, 2, 3!

(I may or may not have had too much fun throwing stuff into the salad bowl, if you can tell from my photos haha). But there you have it! Add some freshly ground pepper to it and a lemon on the side, and you're golden. You can also add whatever dressing you fancy onto this salad. The fresh ingredients plus coppo works well with everything.

As always, the best thing about all of this is that you can get a $1 off coupon on any pre-packaged proscuitto cotto, capocollo or mortadella right now if you click HERE. But if you're hoping for something even better, head to my Instagram page (@sincerelykn) and find my post about my coppo salad. There's a fun little giveaway happening!!! Best of luck, and happy eating :)

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