Tuesday, October 15, 2013

» Photo Diary: Up to Date

One of my fave random photos I found on my phone heh


Of course I had to wear my Laurier sweater to write my last exams of my undergrad!

A hidden gem in Uptown Waterloo: Balzac in The Tannery District.
They have different specialty coffee beans for you to choose from, but being overwhelmed and boring, I got my usual Americano. If it was closer, I would definitely come here more often!
Balzac's Coffee on Urbanspoon

Some airplane reads.. From the best vacation spots to a French magazine about wine to BMW to Fashion.

If you think Booster Juice is delicious, wait until you try Jamba Juice!
Being back in the States meant it was obligatory for me to get one :) happiest.
Jamba Juice on Urbanspoon

Toronto night lights :)

So.. I randomly decided to start golfing LOL whut.

Mortys - my favorite wings in Waterloo, hands down!
We got honey garlic and dry cajun (my boring, but delicious choice!)
If you like super breaded wings, this is the place for you :)
Morty's Pub on Urbanspoon

One of my fave weekly homemade dinners!

Midterm season :(

Cashmere & Booties season!
Forest Green + pleather

Best way to start my mornings

silly snapchats


coffee dates x coffee stains

Frat Burger...omnomnomnom

Beautiful day to stroll around downtown Toronto with my favorite bubble tea, Chatime!

Bartenura, my new favorite sweet white wine.
Being a white wine girl that loves any wine from Italy, it was no surprise I'd like this one too!

My new shoes, that I bought for my graduation ceremony!

And to end off my photo diary post with a photo quote:

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