Monday, October 07, 2013

» Whole Lot-a Gelata

 When a craving hits, it hits hard.
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Super delayed post, but this was back in August when M and I went on a food mission all around Waterloo to satisfy our 'Places to Eat in Waterloo' list. And naturally, gelato was on our list.
I got  a duo cup, with a scoop of Peach and Raspberry.
They were both really good. I've had better peach but the raspberry was so good. The consistency was perfect as well!
They also have a really cute sitting area at the top that overlooks the rest of the joint.
It's a super cute and chill place to just hang out while nommin' on some gelato :)
Whole Lot-a Gelata on Urbanspoon
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Side note: I've been really into smoothies lately (as of the summer), and I can't live without them now!
Click here for a fruity smoothie recipe!
Whenever I head out to study, I always make a smoothie-to-go along with my tumbler with hot coffee :)
And yes.. Sadly, midterm season has arrived.
Brb as I hibernate in my little fishbowl and study 8)

My next post will be back to my Cali posts (still can't believe I'm not done yet) regarding the happiest place on Earth!
I'll leave that interpretation up to you as to what you think that is.. :)
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