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» Let's take a stroll down Butter Avenue

Afternoon Tea w. my foodie partner-in-crime!
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Butter Avenue Pâtisserie & Cafe is a quaint little spot in mid-town Toronto to indulge in the favorite French delicacy: macarons.
Butter Avenue opened almost 2 years ago and it is doing so well that they are planning on opening a second store somewhere in the GTA.
I saw so many pictures of the yellow Butter Avenue box so I had to go down to Yonge & Lawrence to see if it was all hype or was Butter Avenue acccctually that amazing.
And no, it wasn't amazing. It was AMAZING.
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But back to the food...
We decided to get the Lumière afternoon tea set ($29.99) and it included the following:
First, our drinks. We each got to have order a coffee-based drink or a loose-leaf tea off this cute menu.
L got a hot almond tea, and I got a cold darjeeling tea.
Second up was the amuse-bouche, which was a quiche and a brioche.

Then... Came the dessert platter:
Can you tell L was super excited to nom?!

It is consisted of 6 little pastries. They explained each one to us but I was so overwhelmed by how amazing it looked that I didn't listen to her at all.. Sorry guys! But here are the photos of each one :)

(my favorite)

(ultimate favorite one)

You're supposed to eat them in order. It goes from savory and sweet to super duper sweet. AH so delicious.

Just the happiest with our meal!
At $30, I would say that it is overpriced for what it came with but the it was worth it.
I didn't think that I would be full from these little pastries, but boy was I wrong!
So make sure you come with an empty stomach and be prepared to be amazed :)
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And of course, I obviously had to get a box of 6 to go ($13)!

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