Monday, March 31, 2014

Care for S'more?

Last week was a pretty sweet week, if I could say so myself.
The theme revolved around chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers - just the best possible combination for a dessert. If you added in some vanilla bean ice cream, it would be perfection.

First up: S'Mores Cupcakes
I've been waiting for Dlish's S'mores cupcakes for a while and they're finally here (only for the month of March). 
V brought some to me and we nommed these in my food court.
The marshmallow top was really interesting! It wasn't icing and it was quite sticky (like a normal marshmallow...). The top was hard as if it was torched. What you can't see is that the cupcakes also had a graham cracker base! It was d-licious :)

Up next: S'mores Pie
M and I went out on a date last week and headed to The Carbon Bar. After eating, we weren't really interested in any of their desserts so we opted for something wayyyy more delicious.
I made reservations on OpenTable as we were paying for the bill (cannot stop talking about how awesome the mobile app is), and headed over to Bannock!
We were surrounded by people eating dinner, and even though I just finished eating dinner, I actually got hungry... BUT, our main meal here was:
Howwwww amazing does this look?!
From the crust, to the brownie, to the beautifully toasted marshmallows, to the chocolate drizzle, to the complimenting berries.
Just perfection.
This will always be the next best thing to an actual campfire s'more for me, if not better.
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Hope this makes your Monday a little more sweet!
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