Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The NoMad

To continue our fine dining experience, I've heard too many good things about The NoMad to pass up this opportunity to check it out for myself.

Situated in The NoMad Hotel, we walked through the grand front door into the dim lobby. It was actually so dark in there that I almost walked into a wall (my eyes couldn't situate to the dark fast enough) haha.
We walked up to the podium to be seated and was welcomed by a bright atrium - LOVE.
The interior was not what I was expecting. The furniture and décor was Victorian-like, and it also had a glass canopy!
(Totally not trying to take a selfie - was just trying to show you the ceiling, duh)

Being seated in the middle, all the tables were really close together. I've found that to be a trend here in New York (and maybe other places in the world). M & I concluded that we did not like this table setting that all restaurants had here. It was way to close for comfort!

With the abundance of options on the menu, we both ordered the same dish without realizing. What can I say? Great minds think alike :)
Tagliatelle with King Crab, Meyer Lemon, and Black Pepper
M thoroughly enjoyed her dish. I enjoyed it for the first half. After a while, I got really bored and it was way too oily for my liking.
Look at all that butter and oil!

But don't get me wrong - I did enjoy the dish. I just don't think I would order this again.
I really wish I had ordered the Roasted Chicken meal for two that came with foie gras, black truffle and brioche. I saw tables around us order it and it looked amaaazing.

Our server lured us into dessert. And that's all I have to say. The way he described the dessert basically forced us to order it.
M couldn't focus and listen to everything he was saying so she ended up just getting the Apple Sorbet.

Even though I didn't really listen to a word he said either so... I am not too sure what this is :)
From what I remember, it was a hybrid of a croissant and a sweet cake. It came with apple garnishes and also a scoop of apple sorbet.
I ate each bite with a little bit of everything, and it was absolutely delicious!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here - I was not let down. We could have sat here for hours on end. The service was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect.

Now I'm going to add to the list of people that will recommend this restaurant... But I do highly recommend you to visit The NoMad!

1170 Broadway
New York, NY 10001
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After lunch, we had to do a little more touristy exploring.
We had planned to go to the bridge during sunset because I heard the views were spectacular but it was cloudy that day :(
But here's our view of the...
c o n c r e t e   j u n g l e

Just beautiful!
And that ends our mini getaway!

Goodbye New York, and hello again Toronto.

As much as I love to travel, there's always a sense of peace whenever I touchdown on home soil.
Home sweet home.

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