Friday, January 09, 2015

Big Moments of 2014

As this is my first post of the year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And now to do a little walk down memory lane for the past year :)

I started off the year with learning how to snowboard (aka roll down a hill) at Blue Mountain.

And then decided to upgrade my weekend getaways and visited New York City!

In New York, I got a chance to dine at Le Bernadin, my first experience at a Michelin three star restaurant.

And then I had the best post-exam-good-luck-you-can-do-it present from my parentals this summer :) from Bangkok to Seoul to Hong Kong!!

In Thailand, I rode a cute baby elephant (that is still bigger than me lol).

This year, I learned to appreciate something amazing called brunch.

As well as my little sister, as she left home to go to university :(

...and last, but definitely not least, the most important event of 2014: 
I passed all three of my professional exams this year. Woohoo!

- - -
Wow. This was a good way to go through the year to remember what I actually did. I am really surprised at how many things I forgot as I was going through my memory for 2014 by month (like how I went to New York City for a weekend...). The only thing I remembered I did this year was study for my exams lol how sad. BUT, now I passed so no more of that in 2015 :) yayayayy!
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