Tuesday, January 13, 2015


As a relatively new brunch obsess-er (I don't think that is a word?), I am still on the lookout for good brunch places. I have seen posts about people coming to Wish so I decided to check it out. Located around Yonge and Bloor, this was the furthest north I have ventured out for brunch.

We went around Christmas time so they have such cute decorations! Loved this seating area. Unfortunately, we ended up sitting inside.

If you've read my previous posts, I really enjoy one-paged menus. I get overwhelmed really easily, and I think that when a restaurant has a one-page menu, they're basically saying "We were only allowed to have X things to serve, and here are the best things we can offer you." ....yeah I'm weird :)
Click here for the menu!

And here is what we had:

Florentine | Poached eggs over wilted spinach with leek and parmesan fondue, with a side of fruit

  Charlotte | Poached eggs over smoked salmon with leek and parmesan fondue, with a side of fruit

Traditional Caesar Salad, with double smoked lardons

Overall, I enjoyed this spot. The food was decent, but the space was rather small and cozy. I believe they have a gorgeous patio area but since it is winter right now, it is covered. The service was also horrible. There were no waiters ever, and we actually had to get up out of our seats just to try to find someone to serve us. Since this spot wasn't anything special, I do not think I will be returning. Maybe in the summer, but definitely not in the winter again.

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