Monday, February 16, 2015

Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant

Sushi!!!! I can't have a month go by without having a post about sushi :)

I came here on a Thursday night and it was dead. I think for the hour and a half I was there, there was only one other table. Weird because it's not like Bikkuri is a small space. There are so many tables...just weird. Anyways!

We started off with salad and miso soup.

Spicy Salmon Roll and Salmon Sashimi

Spicy Salmon Roll, Salmon Sushi, and a Salmon handroll

Tuna handroll

Can you kind of tell that we love salmon?

If I had to summarize my experience here in one word, that one word would be 'meh'. It was good but nothing stood out. The proportion of rice to fish on the nigiri wasn't ideal (too much rice), but the spicy salmon was good. I'm not sure I would return for a full meal, but it is convenient since it is just a couple minutes away from my work so we'll see :)

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