Thursday, February 05, 2015


After being on a blogging hiatus (unintentional, I promise!), I thought I would start this month's posts with one of my favorite places I went in January: JaBistro.

I have been following them on Instagram for months and I drool every time they post a new photo (which is really often, so here's my warning if you decide to follow them too). After debating on what to order, we decided with the below choices:

We started off with the Hokkaido Salad ($14), which is snow crab, ikura, and herb salted salmon on a bed of romaine lettuce with housemade dressing.
I was actually surprised with this dish. I've never had a sushi salad and it was really refreshing! I would definitely order this again.

Next up is the house special roll, the JaBistroll ($22). You can't make a visit and not try the roll named after the restaurant. The JaBistroll is salmon, snow crab, uni, and cucumber, covered in flying fish roe and a mayo-type sauce.

I'd have to say this is one of my favorite rolls I've ever had. I am a lover of soya sauce when I eat sushi, and I didn't even need it for this one. It was a great combo of the sushi roll ingredients and sauce on the outside.

Next, we ordered Aburi ($27). With this, we got chef’s choice of 4 nigiri and 3 oshizushi. I'm sure you're wondering what that means lol because I had to Google what this was. Nigiri is just another word for sushi, and Oshizushi is a type of sushi made by pressing rice into this oshizushi maker that turns the sushi into a rectangle shape.

The four chef's choice nigiri's that we got to try were Yellowtail, Ocean Trout, Scallop, (from left to right) and Spot Prawn (below).

We were told that the head of the shrimp was also torched and we could eat it. V and I both licked it and tried some shrimp brain. Verdict? I'm never doing that again LOL

For the oshizushi, we got to try the pressed salmon, pressed mackerel, and pressed tiger shrimp.

Out of those 7 pieces, the chef's choice ones were definitely my favorite. I think this was the first time I've had yellowtail sushi (I normally stick to salmon) and it was surprisingly really good! And I really think that I am falling in love with scallops. I've never had a sushi roll/nigiri with scallops that wasn't good. Yay!

And last but not least, we also ordered the Aburicious ($20), which included 2 ebi (pressed tiger shrimp), 2 saba (pressed mackerel), 2 pressed salmon, and 2 JaBistroll pieces.

As it was my birthday in a couple days, V told them so gave us this! (I'm happy they didn't play the 'happy birthday' song hah). This is the Green Tea Tiramisu. I really enjoyed the tiramisu but unfortunately the cookies on the side were stale.

All in all, I had a very good experience at JaBistro. It is a small narrow space with limited seating, so I would recommend making a reservation if you want to try this out. There is a lot of hype around JaBistro and their sushi, and I have to say... I really think JaBistro lives up to the raving reviews. I am happy to say this one will join them :)

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