Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ruelo Patisserie

I'll just start off the post by being honest. I only came to Ruelo because there was a Groupon for high tea, and I think everyone else that was there that day was there for the same reason.

There is a smaller Ruelo location in Times Square on Highway 7 in Richmond Hill and I have been to that one. I've always ordered my birthday cakes from there, but I have never been to this location before.

Here is our three-tiered high tea set.

The bottom layer was for the savoury pastries that included Italian prosciutto wrapped grilled pepper, mini shrimp salad sandwich served on a crispy crouton, mini Atlantic smoked salmon sandwich on a scone and daily quiche.

The middle tier contained two chocolate croissants and scones with Devon cream and Kusmi jam.

The top tier were the sweet desserts,which included macarons (raspberry and coffee), crème brûlée, and a mini cheesecake.

It also came with a choice of tea or coffee. My mom chose tea, while I opted for coffee. We both enjoyed our meals to the extent that we could. The bottom tier was our favourite! The scones were very hard and thus, hard to eat. And the crème brûlée was undercooked... I was not very pleased. Also the service was horrendous. I don't know why they bother having so many tables if there is no one out front anyways. Either way, although I had a decent time here, it was not due to Ruelo (more because I was just chatting with my mom) and I will definitely not be returning to this place for high tea, even if it is cheap.

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