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Cacao 70

I visited Cacao 70 last Saturday and got chocolate wasted.
Want to get chocolate wasted too? Keep reading.

Cacao 70 (@cacao70_mtl) originated from Montreal, and is a very popular chocolate dessert chain. Having their grand opening of their first location in Toronto in the Distillery District just last week, it is the perfect timing to visit as the Toronto Christmas Markets is happening too! 

With ceiling to floor windows and an open-concept kitchen, the casual atmosphere at Cacao 70 will lure you in to relax and sip on hot chocolate. And that's exactly what we did.
Well, and also eat.. Duh :)

Flipping through the menu might be overwhelming for some folks as there are a lot of options to choose from. They have waffles, crepes, dessert pizzas, hot chocolate and other drinks (you can also turn your hot chocolate into a boozy one), and might I mention they also have savory food items too!! Thank goodness for Andy, the store manager, who walked us through the menu and suggested some items for us.

We started off with Cacao 70's specialty - hot chocolate. Out of the 15 options to choose from, ranging from 31% to 76% cocoa, it is highly recommended to choose one over 70% if you are a fan of dark chocolate. V and I both love dark chocolate, so it was a no-brainer to order the top 2.

V ordered the 76% Equator, a powerful dark chocolate full of fruit flavours complemented by a hazelnut note. I got the 75% Tanzania, which is a blend of Criollo and Forastero - powerful and sharp chocolate with fruity and spicy notes.

They then give you cup of your melted chocolate and a cup of the hot chocolate base to mix in yourself to create your personal perfect cup of hot chocolate.

The more you mix in, the thinner it gets! I started off with only pouring a little bit in, but I quickly realized how rich the chocolate was. It was like drinking a melted chocolate bar hehe.

As for the 'food', the one thing V and I knew we had to get was whatever pizza is on the menu background for the pizzas. And it was the Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza - warm pizza crust topped with melted chocolate chunks and roasted marshmallows, served with fresh strawberries, bananas and melted chocolate.

This was to die for... You get chocolate on the side to drizzle yourself depending on how much chocolate you want. The chocolate was warm and with the freshly toasted marshmallows on top, it was just fantastic for us s'mores lovers.

Out of the three Cacao 70 Experiences available, we decided on the Little Bitter Chocolate Experience for two

It came with a mini grill with a side of fresh strawberries, bananas, chocolate coated cereal, and marshmallows so that you can grill your own marshmallows at your table. On the side of the platter was also a small hot chocolate to drink. While we ordered our own specialty hot chocolate, we didn't end up trying this one.

We had a lot of fun grilling our marshmallows and dipping them into chocolate.


While all of my marshmallows were burnt or caught on fire, V was the declared winner of marshmallow grilling at our table.

This Cacao 70 experience also came with a dark chocolate classic waffle with vanilla ice cream.

Although this doesn't look that appealing, it was pretty good. I liked the ice cream on the waffles, and the waffles were hard on the outside but soft on the inside.

And yes, this is a lot of food LOL we had fun grilling our marshmallows and eating everything we could before we started feeling high off chocolate. Actually though - my heart was beating so fast and V had to coach me to drink water and remind me to breathe lmao it was such an experience. Tell me about having a sugar rush, my goodness! (still fun, nonetheless) and it with great disappointment to report that we did not finish everything we ordered, but we sure as hell tried!! 

I would suggest sharing one of their specialty hot chocolates with a friend if you're planning to order other chocolate-y things on the menu. Or else you will end up like us and need to take the rest of your hot chocolate to go.

Actually, they also have a counter where you can order items to go, and I'd highly suggest stopping in to grab a hot chocolate for your walk around the Distillery District.

Overall, I had a very fun time here! We ended up spending over 2 hours eating chocolate - can't complain about that though :) so if you love chocolate and/or desserts, head on over to Cacao 70 at the Distillery District. You won't regret it!

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*This was a complimentary 'dinner' / chocolate feast; however, please note that all my opinions made are my own.*
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