Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Chef's Plate

I love eating out - everyone knows that. Everyone also knows that I don't really like cooking (it's mainly because I'm not that good at it :( I'm slowly learning though hehe). But Chef's Plate makes it easy! Pre-packaged ingredients with an easy to follow recipe is my kind of cooking.

Chef's Plate goal is to make cooking fun again. Catering to all the busy souls in this world working away during the day and don't have time to pick out recipes and shop for the ingredients. Chef's Plate does it for you so cooking can be easy again! They provide an easy to follow recipe and all the ingredients you require to make a gourmet meal.

They have meat dishes and also vegetarian options. For my two meals of the week, I chose the steak and chicken dish. I loved how they put all your ingredients into their own individual recipe bags so you were able to know exactly which ingredients were for which recipe - super organized! Me likey.

Recipe 1 (above) and Recipe 2 (below).

I love how organized everything is and ready for you to cook! I'll show you my process below for the two recipes that I chose to try out.

The first recipe of my steak dinner went from this...

...To this, in only 40 minutes!

The steak was SO delicious - very tender and probably one of the best steaks I've ever made in my life! The potatoes were probably the biggest challenge for me. I don't think I used a sharp enough knife to cut the potatoes super thin. It was also hard because the potatoes provided weren't round so my slices were hard to stack like the picture :( the salad was delicious though!

2nd Recipe of the chicken dish

I prepped my ingredients...

Put all the ingredients into the pan...

And viola! This dish was delicious as the veggies went really well the chicken and pasta. But look how beautiful my dishes ended up being!!! It took me a bit longer than what the recipe said it would take, but I honestly blame my prepping skills. It always takes me forever to cut everything because I'm scared of cutting my fingers lol! I'm such a noob, I know. But hey, baby steps! 

My overall experience with Chef's Plate was an enjoyable one. The entire process was seamless - from the shipping to my house to following the recipe to eating the delicious food.

So if you've ever thought that it'd be impossible to cook up a delicious meal for two after a long day of work, think again! Try Chef's Plate and it might just change that for you. If you'd like to give Chef's Plate a try, use #SINCERELYKN to get four free plates off your first order!
Aka you basically pay $6 for shipping and you get 4 free meals!!!

Happy cooking! Enjoy, xo

*Everything provided in this review was complimentary from Chef's Plate.
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