Monday, March 21, 2016

Krazy Corean Fusion Bistro

If you're near College and Bathurst, and you're looking for some delicious Korean fusion bar food and great cocktails? Krazy Corean has you covered.

I mean, how could you resist complimentary popcorn?! (Lol I can't, at least.)

After moving downtown, I've started to be more open to venturing out around downtown for food. It may be because of the convenience, but it could also be due to my attempt at winning Fitbit competitions... :) Either way, I rarely find myself going to the Little Italy area (despite loving Italian food), but I decided to come to this area last Friday for ... Korean food! (Lol, not even Italian lol).

Krazy Corean is a newly opened restaurant next to Little Italy. It looks small from the outside, but don't be fooled. They have a number of small tables at the front, and long communal tables at the back next to the bar. Although the decoration is minimalistic, the food is not.

They serve a number of Korean snacks, including bulgogi nachos and chicken wings. In addition, they also have sushi and saam (lettuce wraps)!

Safe to say, I ordered way more food than necessary because everything sounded so delicious!

They started us off with a plate of complimentary popcorn - yum!! We honestly didn't need this lil appetizer with the amount of food we ordered, but hey, I'm not complaining!

I ordered the Raspberry Julep, which was bourbon, mint and raspberry with ice.

R ordered an Old Fashioned.
And before I could even take a sip of my cocktail, our food started to arrive.

This is the mixed salad. It is literally a mix of Fresh sliced raw white fish, organic greens, cucumber, tobiko and Korean spicy sesame dressing. I can't typically take spicy, but this level of spicy was good for me. I actually think this was one of my favourite dishes!! I loved the lightness of the salad, along with the sashimi.

Another favourite were the fried panko oysters (with tartar dip on the side). I loveee oysters, so I naturally loved this dish. You can taste the oysters as they weren't overly fried or breaded. And although it looks like they only gave us a couple, there were over 15 pieces in there!

This is the Sea Honey: pan-fried shrimp, scallop, mussels, and vegetables with honey butter. We were told that this dish was the most popular among females that come to Krazy Corean. We decided to order it to see if it was true. Unfortunately for me, I didn't really enjoy this dish was much. It felt like a mix mash of random seafood. I could taste the sweet honey sauce, but I wasn't a big fan.

These nachos on the other hand... SO good. Having Korean bulgogi, veggies, jalapeno, and melted cheddar on a nacho chip was delicious! I actually ended up eating the bulgogi by itself without the chip. Not sure if it was because I was lazy, but it was good either way hehe.

And in the midst of all these dishes, our saams finally arrived!

Saams are served with lettuce, jalapeno, garlic, kimchi and ssam-jang (a sweet spicy paste). We got two half orders of meat, since we couldn't decide on which to order lol. 

This is the sam-gyeop-sal, which is braised pork belly in soy reduction for 8 hours.

And this one is the dduck-bul, finely-chopped marinated beef in sweet soy sauce. I was told that this was one of their signature fillings for their saams, and it was indeed delicious! I'd recommend trying this if you decide to order a saam.

All you gotta do is take a piece of lettuce, put in the filling, drizzle some toppings, and wrap it up to nom! I love this combo as the refreshing lettuce plus the warm meat just works so well together.

As if we didn't order enough food yet, I also couldn't leave without getting sushi (since it was on the menu). We ordered the volcano roll, which is shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with seared spicy salmon, scallop and spicy sauce. GAH, sooooo good!! My fave.

Overall, we had such a good time at Krazy Corean. Drinking and eating glorified Korean bar food was awesome! Besides the delicious food, the service was also great and atmosphere was really relaxing. I will definitely go out of my way to come back here. If you're in the College/Bathurst area looking for some Korean fusion food, or just a place to chill and drink, Krazy Corean is there :)

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*This meal was complimentary; however, please note that all my opinions made are my own.*
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