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Sushisamba Reykjavík • Iceland

I honestly have a problem when it comes to sushi - I crave it all the damn time.
So when I was able to find a sushi restaurant when I was in Iceland, I knew I hadddd to go. And by the looks of our sushi spread above, I can tell you it was well worth the visit.

Sushisamba is located in downtown Reykjavík on a little street. We actually had trouble finding this place due to our lack of wifi access, but found it by looking for their yellow sign.

Once you enter the doors, you feel like you're not in Iceland anymore. The samba tunes made you want to sway your head and hips, and the decor matches with the music. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I'm sure you will know what I mean when you go.

As a restaurant focusing on dishes with an influence of Japanese (hence, the 'sushi') and South Africa (hence, the 'samba'), their menu covered all bases with the sushi/seafood as well as the meats.

Before coming, we had previously decided on trying their Icelandic Feast tasting menu, which was a 7 course menu showcasing some of the best Japanese and South American dishes Sushisamba had to offer. However, we decided to order sushi instead. I mean.... Sorry but I always think I can resist eating sushi but once I see it, my self-control disappears.

But first, we were treated with these cocktails! These are two of the cocktails that Sushisamba entered into the annual Cocktail Competition that is held every year in Iceland. I had the Snow White, while V ordered the Cactus. Both were delicious! 

Don't ask me why, but I was really craving avocado so we ordered the avocado fries. They were pretty good, but then I realized how filling these little things were LOL so needless to say, beware because if you order these, you won't be able to finish all your sushi hehe.

I was told that the sashimi in Reykjavík was really fresh, so I 'had' to get a side order of sashimi (salmon, of course). And my friend was right - the sashimi was fresh, and I enjoyed this appetizer.

We also ordered the salmon ceviche with pineapple salsa.

I know you're probably thinking, "really? Two dishes with salmon?" Lol what can I say? Salmon is my favourite! Although I preferred the sashimi, I liked this ceviche since the pineapple salsa gave more flavour to it. 

And now, the sushi rolls we ordered...

Surf ́n turf (avocado, lobster tempura, beef carpaccio, teriyaki, spicy mayo, chili crumble)

Californication (foie gras, lobster salad, avocado, masago, tempura crumble)

Spider Roll (soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, avocado, masago, spicy mayo)

All three were fantastic. V's favourite was the Surf n' Turf roll, while I really enjoyed the Californication roll because of the foie gras. And what you should know is that they put SO much foie gras on each piece! Normal people would never complain about this, I know, but I found it to be too overpowering for me really quickly so my second favourite was also the Surf n' Turf roll. But don't get me wrong, the Spider Roll was also really good!

For dessert, we ordered this green tea and yuzu dessert platter (green tea mousse, yuzu layer cake, yuzu marshmallows, green tea crumble and yuzu sorbet). I thought that the green tea was ice cream :( so I was a pretty sad about that when I found out it was just mousse. My fault for not reading the description properly haha so make sure you do! They also have a dessert platter (which includes this chocolate dessert that sounds heavenly) where you can try all four of their desserts with your table :)

Overall, we both enjoyed our meal here. Being overachievers, we ordered too much food and had to force each other to finish it... So if you're going with just 1 other person, I would NOT recommend ordering 3 appetizers, 3 sushi rolls, and a dessert. Haha.

If you're ever craving sushi, I highly recommend you visit Sushisamba and order some even if it's just 1 roll. Don't forget they also serve meats as well, if you wanted a nice meal combining the two.

*This meal was complimentary, however, please note that all my opinions made are my own.*
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