Thursday, April 14, 2016

Starving Artist

I've been blogging about a lot of brunch places recently... Not because I only go out for brunch, but it's mainly because I get excited about good brunch places :D

Starving Artist, aka Waffle Heaven, is the place to go if you love waffles.
Everything on their menu is on a waffle or in-between waffles.

They have three locations on the west end of Toronto: 584 Lansdowne, 1079 St. Clair, and 810 College. All locations are open from 9 to 6.

The reason they have 'artist' in the name of the restaurant is because they really support local artists. They feature different local artists' work on their walls and switch them up every 6 months. If you want to know more about it, you can contact them at

With a comprehensive menu of anything and everything waffle you can think of - including dessert - we quickly decided what to order.

Besides ordering our caffeine and breakfast, we also decided on ordering dessert because it sounded so delicious! We were told that if we wanted dessert, we should order it when we placed our actual order and just tell them we want it "later". That way, you won't have to wait for the kitchen to make everyone else's brunch before they make your dessert ;) you've been told!

M ordered the Hitch-Hiker - cheesy scrambled eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, and 2 mini waffles.

I ordered the Sammy Benny - 2 mini waffles topped with poached eggs, Atlantic smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce. How cute are these little eggs? They look like pillows haha.

Whenever I get anything with a pop-able yolk, I'll always try to get a yolk porn shot. Although this isn't as pretty as the one I got at Saturday Dinette, this was pretty damn delicious.

We both enjoyed our time here as we feasted and chatted. I really loved how each order was paired with a salad and a side of your choosing. The fruit and greens really balanced out the waffle and eggs. I'm so sad to say that I was soo full from my eggs benny that I couldn't eat my dessert :( I think this just means I have to come back! Who wants to come with me??

Cutest way to give the bill - in little espresso cups :)

We arrived at around 10:30am on a Sunday. Literally once we sat down, a line started to form. And the line stayed like this the entire time we ate! With three locations around the west side of Toronto, be sure to do what I did and call ahead to see which location has the shortest line! Lol but my only tip for you is to wake up early - and know that it is soo worth it.

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