Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse

Dining at Jacobs has been one of my biggest birthday wishes as a foodie for a while, and D made that wish come true this past year.

Jacobs & Co. is one of Toronto's prestigious steakhouses. They are known for their top cuts of meat and spectacular service to make it worth the couple hundred you'll be spending on a meal.

Located on Brant Street, off of King Street West, you'll find this simplistic hallway leading you down into their bar area.

Next to the bar, they have a lounge area where a grand piano is placed. They call it the piano bar. You can see their pianist schedule here. For the dining area, you are led up a flight of stairs to the upper seating section where they also showcase their meats.

Service was indeed impeccable, and we could tell from the moment we sat down. Hard to explain - you just have to experience it yourself!

We each started off with a drink: beer for him, wine for me.

I have been told that the caesar salad at Jacobs is one of the best in the city as they roll a cart up to your table and make the entire thing from scratch right in front of you! Although we didn't decide to order it, I got to watch the salad show :) until our food came...

I have to apologize in advance because I was really excited about my steak (and how pretty it was plated) that I didn't end up taking a good picture of D's steak and of our side dishes.

Pictured in the to half of the above picture are our sides. We ordered three sides: sauteed snow pea greens (with brown butter and almonds), sauteed rapini (with anchovy butter and chili flakes), and the duck fat french fried potatoes.

D ordered an 8 oz tenderloin from Guelph, Ontario (not pictured). He gobbled the whole thing up, no problem! I really wanted to try an aged steak, so I got a 12 oz striploin that was aged for 60 days from P.E.I.

As you can tell, this birthday girl was very happy with her meal hehe

Just a couple more steak pictures lol

After finishing everything we ordered, we were both sooo full (shouldn't have ordered 3 sides lol 2 would have been enough). 

I was told that we would get lil brownies anyways, so we didn't bother getting a dessert. However, since it was my birthday, they actually presented our brownies like this! So cute!

Thanks to D for taking me to Jacobs for my birthday and being patient as always with my picture taking, this was such a great birthday meal. Overall, we both really enjoyed our time here. The food was absolutely delicious and the servers are so attentive. I can't afford to come back on a regular basis, but it is definitely a special occasion spot.

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