Saturday, February 11, 2017 / Toronto, ON, Canada

The Green Wood

Venturing off into the east side of Toronto has become a weekend ritual in January. Last weekend, I visited The Green Wood, a new spot on Queen East that is open in the early morning for the early risers looking for a quiet spot to have their morning coffee. It is also open throughout the day serving lunch, and then transitions into a dinner spot in the evening for good eats and cocktails.

Krystle (Dine and Fash) and I started our meal off with coffee (but I quickly turned that into a mimosa and then a caesar hehe). We are both on a healthy regime, so I ordered the Eat Your Greens salad, while Krystle got the Crunchy Salad. Eat Your Greens was basically a plate full of every single vegetable that they had in house topped with a classic vinaigrette. I decided to add in a side of smoked salmon to top off the salad. The Crunchy Salad consisted of broccoli, carrots, peppers, red cabbage and kale with a creamy dressing.

We also ordered The Green Wood Classic plate which included farm eggs, mennonite bacon or sausage, tomatoes, greens and toast. As you can see here, we got the sausage, and I'd say that would be the wise choice. You can't go wrong with bacon, but the sausage also completed the plate. BUT, my favourite dish at The Green Wood is hands down the souk fries - hand cut fries, grilled eggplant, sumac seasoned salad, spicy tahini, and topped with a fried egg and crispy halloumi. Having all of the above stated toppings with a piece of potato was just heaven in my mouth. I'm craving these as I type!! The souk fries are a definite must order - don't forget to also add lamb to the dish!

So stop by The Green Wood on the east end for brunch - you won't be disappointed (unless you skip out on the fries... Just sayin'). Also keep in mind that they are open at night and serve things such as braised short ribs, gnocchi, & delicious sounding sandwiches!

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