Sunday, May 28, 2017

Savoury, Private Dining Experience at The Westin Harbour Castle

In order to get to my dinner today, I had to walk through The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel's lobby and kitchen. I got to peep on the chefs making food for the rest of the hotel guests as I made my way to Savoury, a 10-seat private dining restaurant that is now open to the public.

Walking in, you will see the main kitchen appliances to the left with a table to the right for you and your 9 closest friends. The setting is actually meant to mimic someone's home kitchen!

Celebrity Chef Corbin Tomaszeski from the Food Network is the head chef of Savoury. His vision behind Savoury is simple. "Work with quality ingredients to create a memorable experience that will stay with those who dine with us forever,” says, Tomaszeski. “By using locally sourced ingredients and preparing them in a way unique to my style, I want to ensure each guest feels as though they’ve been invited into my own personal kitchen, in my own personal home.” And that is truly how I felt throughout this dining experience.

We enjoyed the above pictured four course meal, while listening to Chef Tomaszeski tell us stories. It was such a great, personal dining experience, and am excited to give you a visual storyboard of my evening as shown below!

You can seriously taste the quality of the ingredients and thought put into each dish that Chef Tomaszeski created for us. Every single part of the dish was well thought out and worked with each other. The sous vide lamb loin with buttered braised lamb tortellini paired with king oyster mushrooms = SO good. The presentation of the dishes were also so awesome to be a part of. The smoke trapped around the baby octopus was my favourite dish. All in all, it was a great dining experience and I really recommend you give it a try when you are planning for your next special dinner in the city.

For more information about booking Savoury, please visit their website here.
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