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Top Three Sushi Spots in Downtown Toronto

You guys all know that I love sushi. I mean, my top 9 photos in 2016 tells it all. Because it's a known fact that my favourite thing to eat in the world is sushi, I get asked a lot from my friends and followers which sushi restaurants in Toronto I frequent the most. So, I've put together a list of my top three sushi restaurants in Toronto at three price points.

Please note that these only include spots in the downtown Toronto core!
I will probably make another list for the GTA :)


- - -

$ - Kibo Sushi

I recently discovered this sushi spot, because it took over one of my old faves (Kokoro). Kibo has 3 locations in the downtown area: Liberty Village, Yonge and Harbour, & Adelaide and Charlotte. Kibo specializes in take-out sushi, as they have a fridge at the front with $5 takeaway boxes (um, hello) and only a couple tables for customers to dine-in. I've only been there for take-out, as I either order on Ritual or just grab something from their fridge! You get what you pay for and I definitely think it is worth it. Kibo is the perfect place to go if you're craving sushi and need it real quick.

Top Left: Salmon Lover Combo for $14
Bottom Right: Dynamite Combo for $10

$$ - Mi•Ne Sushi

Okay, if you watch my Instagram stories, you would have seen Mi•Ne on them at least 10 times...in the past couple months lol. I go there so often, it's a little embarrassing haha. They also have three locations, but only one in the downtown core located on Bremner across from the Roger's Centre. Besides offering the typical sushi boats, Mi•Ne makes the best sushi rolls in Toronto. They have so many combinations to choose from and they're all delicious. Pictured below is my ultimate favourite: the Orangeville roll. As you can see, Mi•Ne doesn't give you a lot of rice and really focuses on giving you solid ingredients which anyone can appreciate. Go give them a try!!

Specialty rolls are approximately $15-20 each.

$$$ - JaBistro

Excluding omakase downtown, JaBistro is my favourite 'expensive sushi' spot hands down (and to be honest, they aren't even that pricey). For the price you pay, the quality you get is outstanding. My ultimate favourite is their JaBistro roll and Aburi platter. Their sashimi platters are also beautiful and delicious. It's the perfect spot when you want to treat yo'self.

Sashimi Platter for $55
Aburi (7 pieces) for $28

- - -

Have you tried any of these places? If so, let me know what you think!!

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