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36 Hours in Dubai

The development of Dubai has taken off exponentially in the past couple decades – now being the quickest growing city and home to the tallest tower in the world. With so much to do in such a vibrant city, time is of the essence. If you are so lucky to spend a short weekend in Dubai, here is a mini schedule that includes some of the best things to do in Dubai.

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6 pm – Start with Sunset Cocktails

Drop off your bags at your hotel, and head on out to The Observatory at The Marriott Marina. Park yourself in front of a window and enjoy a beverage while watching the sun set over The Palms. As the sky turns into cotton candy, marvel at the fact that you are looking at the largest man-made island in the world, using 10.5 million dump trucks worth of sand.

8 pm – Lose Control at Dinner

There is nothing more terrifying than giving someone else the control to order food for you. But if you want to enjoy some of the best Lebanese dishes you've ever had, indulge at a local favourite spot, Em Sherif. The only catch is that the chef will take control over your entire meal. For these couple hours, get used to someone telling you what to eat and be surprised every time.

10 pm – Experience Dubai’s Night Life

It will be difficult to walk around Dubai on Friday night without hearing music blasting from the various venues in the area. Visit Barasti Beach Bar in The Marina for a casual night out on the beach. And by casual, take that with a grain of salt as they have a stage with live music, two large bar areas, a stage on the beach with dance music, and an igloo for you to 'chill' in (ehh, see what I did there?). // Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with visiting a rooftop bar on a hotel. Check out the new Steigenberger Hotel in Business Bay by grabbing a drink at Swim & Tonic. You can dip your feet in the pool while having a G&T (or whatever you fancy) and see the Burj Khaflia light up in all its glory.


9 am – Breakfast with Locals

After having fun experiencing Dubai’s ‘current’ culture, it’s time to take a step into Old Dubai to learn about Dubai’s history. Start off by visiting an Arabian Tea House, a spot where local emirates come to have their morning breakfast. Order the local breakfast tray and a side of the grilled halloumi. You may know that hummus is delicious, but be prepared to be amazed all over again.

11 am – Get Cultured

Attend a SMCCC session, where you’re able to experience a traditional breakfast with tea and dates while learning about the culture. You can also ask as many questions as you’d like about it. They will answer it, and may even show you what is under their kandura.

1 pm – Wander the Souks

It’s not a complete trip to Dubai without crossing the Dubai Creek and wander around the markets, or souks as they call it. Starting out at the spices souks, smell your way through the rows of bags of spices, like saffron and vanilla. You’ll easily make your way out into the textiles souks, and then the gold. Don’t forget to bargain your way down when purchasing something here!

3 pm – Ride into the Sunset on a Desert Safari

With all the talk of Dubai going from desert to city, there is no way you can miss going from city to the desert to see it for yourself. Book a tour with Platinum Heritage Desert Safari, and let them to the driving and talking. You will be able to sit in the back of a restored 1950s Land Rover 1 as it zips around in the sand during sunset. Arriving at a stunning camp site, you can ride camels, feast on traditional Arabian food, get henna, watch live performances, and smoke shisha (all voluntary). It will be a night to remember.


9 am – One Last Look

After seeing what Dubai has to offer in the past 35 hours, spend your last hour 828 meters high at the Burj Khalifa. Be prepared to be amazed at the city again from another perspective as the streets begin to look like paths in a maze. As one of Dubai's top attractions, be sure to purchase your tickets online to avoid lines as much as possible. You’ll be able to see a fine line between the developed city area of Dubai in contrast to the Arabian Desert. The 360 degree view of the city from 148 floors up will have you leaving Dubai on a high.

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