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A Day Spent in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, and I've put together the best travel guide if you only have 24 hours in Budapest. This city has the best mixture of the current culture as well as history. I mean, even their most famous bars in Budapest are in historical, old buildings! This travel guide will include top attractions, the best ruin bars, & the best spot to see the sun set in Budapest.

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8:00pm - Arrive just in time for dinner

Your first dinner in Budapest should be a party. Head to Mazel Tov. Located in the middle of the Jewish Quarter and the downtown nightlife scene, you'll walk through a brick wall alley to find yourself in the midst of a garden party. Ruin Bars, as they call it, are bars that are established in old, abandoned buildings. It's really something to experience.

11:30pm - Ruin Bar Hoppin'

Looking to continue the night in another location? Visit Szimpla Kert, the first ruin bar & most popular ruin bar in Budapest. It's two stories, and there are a multiple bars. Although it's a place with mainly tourists, I had a lot of fun meeting other travellers and enjoying a couple drinks.

8:00am - Enjoy a Simple Breakfast

After a night out, you bet you'll wake up hungry! Head to Szimply for a delicious brunch. They serve the classic breakfast items, as well as the basic ones such as avocado toast haha.

9:00am - Baths

Now that you're full, what better way to start off your day than with a couple hours of pure bliss and relaxation? Head to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath to relax for the morning. There are a number of pools where people just hang out in, and a swimming lap pool as well. I can't explain to you how calming it is to just sit in these warm baths and do nothing - it surprised me! I would recommend buying your tickets beforehand to avoid waiting time and any lines there may be. Also, you should rent a locker to put your stuff in so you don't have to worry about it. I saw some people just keep it on the sides of the pools though. There are also showers, so be sure to bring your toiletries and towels!

12:00pm - New York Cafe for Lunch

Lol, it sounds silly to go to a place called "New York Cafe" when you're in Budapest. But you honestly won't be disappointed. Connected to the The Boscolo Budapest hotel in the Jewish Quarter, this stunning spot is actually known as the most beautiful cafe in the world. 

2:00pm - Visit the Historical Sites

• Since you're on the Pest side of Budapest, walk around the area to see St. Stephen's Basilica. You'll get a really nice photo of it in it's entirety if you just walk down the street right in front of it. Gelata Rosa is also around the corner, if you're into pretty flowers made out of gelato.
• Head over to the Buda side of Budapest by walking on the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the main bridge that connects Buda and Pest. They even have a pedestrian walkway, which makes it super easy for people to get from one side to the other. The views from the bridge are also spectacular.
• When you get to the Buda side, the Buda Castle is a short walk from the bridge. Walk around it / can see the The Hungarian House Of Parliament from here.

5:30pm - Sunset at Fisherman's Bastion / Matthias Church

I mean, I think the picture below speaks for itself. How could you not come here for sunset?

7:00pm - Last Dinner

End off your day with another delicious meal. This time at Halászbástya Étterem, if you are feeling fancy, for a delicious tasting menu. But if you're looking for something more casual, Pest-Buda Bistro just a couple steps away is a good spot for some traditional Hungarian noms.

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A map with all the above spots are pinpointed below.
I hope you enjoy your time in Budapest!

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