WWW: Persistence

"I wonder how many people have ever thought to blame their own failures on "not hanging in there long enough"? In my experience, very few. Instead, we assume we lack the ability to succeed. We decide that we don't have what it takes — whatever that is — to meet the challenge. And we really couldn't be more wrong. Grit is not an innate gift. Persisting is something we learn to do, when (and if) we realize how well it pays off."

* just a little reminder for myself



Last weekend, Coke set up these machines at the Eatons Centre to continue their #shareacoke campaign.

After lining up for 30 minutes, I got mine.

Only to realize that my name is so damn common that I could probably buy this at the grocery store. Hahah nonetheless, I love anything that is personalized and this is still pretty awesome :)

Now to make sure my family doesn't accidentally open it and drink it...