You'll Need Other People

You'll need coffee shops.
And sunsets and road trips,
Airplanes and passports,
New songs and old songs,
But people more than anything else.

You will need other people,
And you will need to be that other person to someone else - a living, breathing, screaming invitation to believe in better things.


Food Palace Gelato

To be completely honest, I found this gelato place by googling "gelato on queen west" and would not have otherwise have visited. Since it's located a bit off of Queen West, north on Bathurst, I was not surprised when it was completely empty on a Sunday night.

Left: Cappuccino and Right: Chocolate Chili

The cappuccino flavour was good (nothing exceptional though). It did its job of satisfied my craving of gelato. As for the Chocolate Chili, I've never had spicy ice cream before! It tasted like normal chocolate at first, and then the kick at the end is like woah.

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