» photo diary: April edition

12:55 PM


I found my panda twins in the ACC when I was there for a Raptor's game

Teehee selfies

Strawberry season!

Successful curls!!

Perfect morning breakfast: Starbucks + PRET's Chocolate Brownie bar

Morning drives into the sunset omw to work

Morning GO train sunrises

I love M3s.. But why this color?!

Hahah making grocery lists on company paper so it looks like I'm working #exposed

Amaaaazing chocolates my coworker brought in one day! Ah noms

Pre-TorontoUndergroundMarket Volunteering

Excited for Vegas!!

Only me.. LOL @ the Disney Store

Moving back to Waterloo.. :(
- - -
Oh man, I don't even remember half of these photos! It's been way too long haha.
Nothing really big happened in April, besides attending over 5 sports games...haha but they have individual posts already :P
But doing this post made me realize how much I miss work!
Although I love school life and being back at Laurier with all my friends, I miss working Downtown Toronto and being in the office setting.
Is it too soon to say that I'm excited to go back to work?! Haha I'm crazy.

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