Wednesday, June 26, 2013 / Waterloo, ON, Canada

» summer time = salad time

My favorite go-to salad :)
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Last week was one of the busiest weeks of the semester so far, with 3 exams and an assignment (plus some personal events as well).
I rarely had time to cook food at home, let alone go out and buy food!
So I opted for something super easy and less time consuming: salads.

I tried a lot of combinations of foods, but this one is my fave.
The ingredients are just tootoo simple! 
I have no excuse to not make this salad, even if I'm feeling lazy.

All you need is:
as much lettuce/spinach/spring medley you'd like
a handful (or more) of corn
half a cucumber for the salad (and the other half to eat while making the salad)
half an avocado
raw mushrooms (lots, if you're a mushroom lover like me)
a pinch of pepper
some TLC (tender love and care)
& a drizzle of balsamic vinegar
Ta-da :)

Happy Wednesday y'all!
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